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The Most Beautiful Yoga Studios in Melbourne

While Melbourne is a hub for coffee enthusiasts and artists alike, more recently this city is becoming more well known for its budding yoga scene. There seems to be a new studio at every street corner, and our options are starting to feel overly saturated. Fear not! We’ve scoped out some of our favourites and want to share what makes these zen places stand out from the crowd. Here are our top picks for Melbourne’s most beautiful yoga studios:

1) Yoga 213

This hip-hop style of yoga offers a whole new spin on your average class. You can expect the funkiest selection of tunes to accompany your down dog, not overrule it. Offering hip-hop, chill and yin classes, you’ve got options to help lift you up or level you out.  Not only are the teachers awesome, they’ve just recently relocated from South Yarra to a new studio in Richmond. The new space is full of ocean vibes and a giant oil painting of Biggie, to ensure the ultimate hip-hop experience.

Level 1, 97 Swan Street, Richmond

Yoga 213, Melbourne

2) Happy Melon

The Happy Melon studio is a truly authentic space, with it’s walls painted a fresh shade of white and splashes of bright colours throughout. What makes this studio unique is its modern approach to traditional meditation, where mindfulness techniques are webbed intricately into each class. There is an understanding of the powerful combination of mental and physical practices for holistic health. A wide selection of meditation, yoga and dynamic fitness classes are offered to help you lead a happier and more conscious life.

1252 High Street, Armadale

Happy Melon Studios

3) Move Yoga

The success and originality of the Move Yoga studio lies in its simplistic design and consistent concept. Functioning mainly as a vinyasa and power flow studio in a heated room, you can expect a strong and dynamic practice. Three levels of power flow classes are offered to help you build on your physical postures and play around with more challenging asanas. Restorative and yin options are also available for the days you need a more grounding experience.

1/335 Flinders Lane, CBD

Move Yoga, Melbourne

4) Humming Puppy

If you’re seeking a one-of-a-kind experience, Humming Puppy has developed a new wave of yoga where the studio literally ‘hums’. Designed by one of the world’s leading acoustic engineers, the space vibrates audible frequencies proven to boost your ‘Gamma’ brainwave activity and is essential in achieving states of peak performance. Mats are provided so you can travel light and the studio itself is absolutely stunning!

2/22 Cecil Place, Prahran

Humming Puppy

5) One Hot Yoga

Founded in 2012, One Hot Yoga was the first core body temperature Slow Hot Flow yoga studio in the world. The concept was developed as an experience connecting beautiful structural architecture with yoga and pilates - emphasizing the importance of environment with our mind-body well-being. There are a wide variety of classes offered including Power Flow, Yin, group Reformer Pilates and Hot Mat Pilates. The heat is velvety and warm, the air is clean and the space is insanely beautiful.

36 River Street, South Yarra

One Hot Yoga Melbourne

Nicola Anderson - Writer

Nicola is a down-to-earth yogi residing from Canada with a love for all things health related. Having done her yoga teacher training (Moksha Yoga International) and Holistic Nutrition degree (The Institute of Holistic Nutrition) a whole new world opened up for Nicola. As a yoga instructor she has been able to travel and teach at the same time. Her love for fitness encompasses many activities including yoga, running, boxing and circuit training. Nicola is in her element when she gets to be creative, whether it be through photography, playing guitar and singing, writing, or teaching a yoga class. Some of her favourite things include coastal road-trips, summers spent at her cottage in Canada, swimming in the ocean, camping in British Columbia, and anytime spent in nature.

  1. Pure Hot Yoga in Bayswater is another one that should be on the list. Great design – mix of warm and industrial – and terrific atmosphere.

  2. Pure Hot Yoga in Bayswater is another one that should be on the list. Great design – mix of warm and industrial – and terrific atmosphere.

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