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Where to get your green thumb on in Sydney

At some point, we have all tried to get a bit of a green thumb going. Personally, the closest I have gotten is putting my fruit scraps into a worm farm when I was in primary school. But with all the talk on sustainability and global warming, growing a little veggie patch in your backyard or on your balcony can be a great way to not only save money but do your bit for the environment too.


However, taking care of plants can take time and effort that most of us these days don’t have. Plus, especially in Sydney not everyone has a little place to grow their own vegetables (that’s city apartment living for you). So, if you have some hours to spare and want to do a little to help the environment these are the places for you.


Acre Eatery and Pocket City Farms


Located in Camperdown Commons in Sydney, Pocket City Farms is a community hub and local urban farm where you can go to learn farming, chemical free produce and how to buy locally grown food. They have workshops and events where you can learn about farming and composting or even how to ferment vegetables. And if all of this leaves you hungry you can go and visit Acre Eatery next door which sources its produce from the farm and other small farms located in the Sydney area.

Community Gardens


If you are that person who would love to have a veggie patch but you don’t have the time or the space then community gardens are for you. There are 20 community gardens located in the Sydney area that allow you to grow and harvest your own produce whilst helping to reduce your household waste. The gardens are run by volunteers who are there to teach you all about practical organic gardening methods.


Sydney Organic Gardens


If you are interested in learning ways to grow organic native produce in your own home then why not get in touch with your local council about workshops run by Sydney Organic Gardens. Otherwise they also can offer help in designing a garden in your own home and teaching you how to grow your own organic fruits and vegetables.


Green Villages Workshops


Green Villages is a City of Sydney initiative that runs workshops and also has loads of information on their website on all things green. Whether it be how to utilise your produce better through yummy recipes or tips on how to successfully keep your veggies alive at home, it is your one stop shop for all things sustainability.



Little Veggie Patch Co

If you are more of a DIY kind of person, Little Veggie Patch Co will hand deliver your own veggie patch. They have heaps of options depending on how DIY you want to go, from either an empty crate to a crate that is already full of veggies. A serious win for those who are time poor or are low on gardening skills.

Sasha Leong

With a passion for photography, writing and all things health, Sasha from Live Without Labels is all about living life free from labels that society gives us. She is currently in her first year of a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine and works alongside Sally from The Fit Foodie Blog.

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