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Here’s how to create your point of difference on Instagram.

1. Choose one specific group of people to target

It's lovely to share holiday snaps, your grocery shop and your dad's 60th birthday, but you need to think about your ideal follower. What does he / she do? What are there main interests? Where do they spend their time? Write down your ideal customer 'avatar' and filter all your content through that to ensure your speaking to your ideal tribe. Rember, it might seem counter-intuitive but you've got to:

Niche down to blow up!

2. What is your uniqueness?

What do you want to be known for? Choose one main thing to focus on, and do it slightly differently to everyone else. You don't have to come up with something that no-one else is offering or re-invest the wheel (TOO HARD!!). Add your own voice + personality to differentiate your brand.
Some epic examples to get your creative juices flowing:

  • @DepthsofBeauty
    Beauty blog (+ now online magazine) focusing on natural products only to de-tox your makeup bag.
  • @VanDerPop - cannabis products + education targeted specifically at women to reduce the stigma.
  • @EmmaKateCo - travel blogger + stationary maker, specifically focusing on whimsical aesthetics for 'dreamers and wanderlusters'.

3. Stay laser-focused

People need to know what to expect when they engage with your brand. For example, on my account @thefitfoodieblog, I wouldn't post fashion advice or makeup tutorials, because I want to be known for nutritious, healthy recipes. Filter ALL your content through your content topic to avoid losing followers and position yourself as an expert.

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4. Bring the value

What can you offer your audience? From experience, I now that motivation, inspiration, recipes and simple nutrition information serve my audience best. ALL my content fits into those categories. I'm giving them HELPFUL content that they can use. If they're going to spend time looking at your content, it needs to serve a purpose.

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Sally O'Neil - Editor in Chief

Sal is on a mission to prove that healthy and nutritious doesn’t have to be boring – and that even while staying in shape you can have your cake and eat it too. After losing 14kg from adopting a healthier lifestyle, she shares her journey with others on The Fit Foodie Blog. She also works as a commercial food photographer and stylist, is studying a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, and is the author of two cookbooks: Love Move Eat (Bauer Media, 2017) and Meal Prep Plan (Murdoch, 2019).

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