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The Hottest New Yoga Style To Hit Australia: Modo Yoga

Mode Yoga - The Hottest new Yoga Class to Hit Australia

Modo Yoga is the latest yoga style to hit Sydney. So what is it, and how do you get your 'om' on?

What is Modo Yoga?

Modo Yoga (also known as Moksha Yoga) is built upon seven core values: be healthy, be accessible, live green, community support, reach out, live to learn, and be peace. The modo sequence of poses has been specifically designed to be practiced in a heated room, where temperature and humidity are regulated. This environment allows for a deep but safe stretch, strengthens your muscles and helps to detox the body through a clean sweat. With the pillar of accessibility in mind, the poses are suitable for all levels, whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a beginner with limited flexibility. Don’t be intimidated by the heat! This is a new experience in hot yoga.

The word Modo comes from the root word ‘modus’ meaning the way that something is done or the path that is followed to get to the destination. A regular Modo practice gives us the chance to explore all the different paths we can choose in our lives to create peace within and live the best most awesome life ever.

Why it’s different

The series has been drawn from traditional yoga roots with a therapeutic twist, all the while working through a detoxing sweat. You’ll move through a set of 30-40 poses depending on the length of the class that is specially designed to strengthen, stretch and tone the entire body head-to-toe. You begin with a standing sequence then move to the floor halfway through, and end with five minutes of savasana (laying on your back) to leave you feeling extra calm. The Modo yoga sequence has been tailored so that anyone is able to practice. You can find challenge or ease depending on your own physical abilities and hopes for your class.

Teachers are trained with the same concrete sequence in mind, but are given the freedom to pick and choose certain poses and create their own dialogue as the class moves through session. As a result, there is a perfect mix of consistency and variety within your own personal experience.  

The owners of Modo Yoga in Sydney (Thy and Carlo) are super passionate about providing you with a unique, positive experience. Community outreach and environmental awareness are combined alongside a passion for hot yoga. Karma (donation) classes are held each week to support local charities. Lastly, each studio in the Modo community is built with environmentally friendly materials designed to create a healthy place for you to practice. 


Everything! Seriously.

  • build full-body strength
  • increases flexibility
  • improve balance
  • boosts cardiovascular health
  • detoxes the body
  • reduces stress
  • helps you find a sense of calm

Need I say more?

Class options

There are a variety of classes to choose from to suit all levels and preferences. Options include Modo, Modo Flow, Karma, Freestyle Flow, and Yin classes along with meditation.

The studio space

Not only are the Sydney Moda Yoga classes top-notch, the facilities is amazing too. The space is abundant with natural light, has a full retail section, a large hot room and second non-heated room, and large change rooms complete with showers. The simple decor, earth tones, and white walls throughout create a calming studio vibe. 

Located in Rosebery, just south of the city, the area is full of locally owned cafes, stores and restaurants. You can squeeze in your morning yoga session followed by brunch at Mentmore and Morely, a trendy cafe situated in the same building. As an added bonus, there is accessible street parking in the surrounding suburbs. 

Try it out:

You can trial Moda Yoga Sydney with an introductory month for just $55! Get yours right here.

Mezzanine, 55 Mentmore Ave, Rosebery, NSW 2018
Nicola Anderson - Writer

Nicola is a down-to-earth yogi residing from Canada with a love for all things health related. Having done her yoga teacher training (Moksha Yoga International) and Holistic Nutrition degree (The Institute of Holistic Nutrition) a whole new world opened up for Nicola. As a yoga instructor she has been able to travel and teach at the same time. Her love for fitness encompasses many activities including yoga, running, boxing and circuit training. Nicola is in her element when she gets to be creative, whether it be through photography, playing guitar and singing, writing, or teaching a yoga class. Some of her favourite things include coastal road-trips, summers spent at her cottage in Canada, swimming in the ocean, camping in British Columbia, and anytime spent in nature.

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