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How to Stay Motivated During Winter

How to stay motivated during winter

It’s well known that motivation levels can drop with the degrees, and that many people find it harder to keep on top of their exercise routine in the cooler months.  Whether the dark mornings are making it difficult to get out of bed, or the wet, windy weather is making you dread your outdoor runs, keeping active over the cooler months is still important for your health and wellbeing, and is key to seeing you stay fit and strong through winter into the warmer months ahead. I catch up with Michael Cunico, National Personal Training Manager at Fitness First about how to get your Workout Mojo back.


One of the best ways to keep motivation levels high, even in the wettest and coldest of times, is by adding variety to your workout routine to keep things interesting. Below I’ve listed my favourite indoor classes to help give you some ideas on ways to mix up your workouts, and shake things up on the gym floor:

  1. Freestyle Group Training (FGT):

    FGT classes are short, 30 minute small group fitness classes which incorporate three-dimensional movements through a range of different exercises, ensuring you work up a good sweat, and exert maximum effort in minimum time.  Not only is there a huge variety in the different classes on offer, with some focusing on developing core strength, and others focused on improving agility and endurance. Programming is updated quarterly to ensure classes continue to challenge and motivate members.

  2. Barre Attack:

    The new Barre Attack classes are great to mix things up and add a different style of training to any workout program.  Inspired by Ballet, Pilates and dance, these classes develop total body strength, flexibility and posture, incorporating a combination of bodyweight multidimensional movements, ballet bars, Therabands* and balls.

  3. Hot Yoga:

    There’s nothing more inviting than walking into a warm room when it’s freezing cold outside.  Hot Yoga incorporates a restorative and meditative element to your routine, and is one of my favourite ways to warm up during the winter chill. Taking place in a room heated to 35 degrees, Fitness First’s exclusive Flow Hot Yoga classes are designed to test strength, flexibility and mental focus. The heat warms the muscles and connective tissues, allowing for increased mobility and flexibility, while intensifying the practice.

  4. Mixed Martial Arts:

    This program is a good option for those who have grown tired of traditional cardio workouts like Cycle, but still want that high intensity workout.  With classes incorporating elements of shadow boxing, kicking and ground drills, MMA is sure to give you a taste of something different, while giving you a fun and energetic workout.


* NB. Therabands are latex exercise bands that are used to add resistance to exercise and movements, to help strengthen muscles

You can try out any of the above classes, available at Fitness First clubs across Australia.  For more information on club locations and class timetables, please visit the website

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By: Michael Cunico, National Personal Training Manager, Fitness First

Michael Cunico is the National Personal Training Manager for Fitness First Australia. He is responsible for driving fitness programming, innovations and the Personal Training business of the organization. With approximately 1,200 personal trainers in Fitness First Michael has spent the majority of his fitness career working directly with trainers and has delivered training to thousands of trainers both in Australia and abroad.

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