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The activewear brand gathering hordes of celebrity fans

Vie Active

My life is not neatly compartmentalised any more. Every day I'm juggling {read: struggling} to fit everything in to my day:  workouts, cooking, friends, emails, meetings and more. I barely have time to dress myself in the morning, never mind worrying about changing outfits throughout the day, so i've become one of those women that sport black leggings and trainers all day, every day. They're undeniably versatile and comfy in the extreme. One of my favourite brands to carry me from coffee meeting to yoga class is Vie Active. I catch up with founder Noa Reis to see how Aussie brand's cult following has grown.


Vie Active has gained a celebrity following, why do you think Vie Active is so appealing to A-Listers?

I believe Vie Active has gained a celebrity following due to the high performance nature of the pieces paired with fashion forward designs. Celebrities live busy lives and are always in the spotlight, they need pieces that fit well, dry quickly and flatter and Vie Active delivers this. By using compression technology in our tights not only do wearers get the performance and recovery benefits of compression but also the thigh slimming and butt lifting benefits.

Can you share your take on what is the hottest trend in activewear? 

Transitional pieces – we love items that can take you from studio to street or barre to brunch with your girlfriends with ease. Printed tights are definitely having a moment right now too.

What do you think we can expect to see in activewear in the future?

Over the last few years the trend of Studio To Street has exploded and the reality is that no one has time for multiple outfit changes in a day. The easier we can make this with activewear pieces that can be worn at work and for a workout the easier living an active life will be. I anticipate you will see a lot more pieces that can serve this dual purpose.

Was there always a plan to launch Vie Active globally? And why did you choose LA first?

From Day one I always envisioned Vie Active as a global brand, and expansion to the United States always seemed like the natural first choice as my husband, Bryan is American and the health and fitness market is so large in The United States. As for LA, whilst Sydney is becoming quite the health and fitness hub – LA does fitness on another level. From Kale salads at every restaurant to every type of workout you can imagine. There’s a real buzz about health and wellness in LA and an incredibly inspiring community of health and fitness entrepreneurs here which I am proud to be a part of.

What are you tips for other businesses wanting to break into the US, in particular LA market?

One of the biggest lessons I have learnt as an entrepreneur is the importance of 3 Ps: Patience, Perspective, Perseverance I think this is something any business wanting to break into a new market must keep in mind.

What are your tips for aspiring health business owners to being successful?

Authenticity is key. Never support a product or a person who you don’t believe in. Vie Active was born from my desire to have activewear that I could wear from morning to night, for school drop offs and playdates, grocery runs and training sessions and each piece is something that I’ve created to fit gaps in my activewear wardrobe.

What is your favourite piece of the moment?

Without a doubt, my favourite piece are my Rockell Compression Tights. They are perfect for whether I am doing barre or going for a run and this versatility is very important to me.


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