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Sensory Yoga Hits Sydney @ Urban Yoga Studio

Sensory Yoga Hits Sydney @ Urban Yoga Studio

Urban Yoga, launching in Sydney this December, is an all-new experience in yoga that will transform the way Aussies practice. With it’s unconventional approach and original concept, your yoga practice will soon have a modern twist. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, Urban Yoga offers all the amazing benefits of yoga in a new and refreshing environment. A class with Urban Yoga entails a progressive soundtrack and specially curated visuals, making it easy for anyone to join in.

Combining the best of the asanas with the freshest of tunes, you will hear a host of featured artists including Chet Faker and Fleetwood Mac, mixed by Los Angeles artist DJ Jackmore to create yoga with a pulse. 

You will also experience jaw dropping visuals on a large screen to help guide your practice. This fresh take on sound and vision is different to any other form of yoga, and will help enhance your experience. A class at Urban Yoga promises to reinvigorate you both mentally and physically through its sensory immersion, transporting you away from the thinking mind and the outside world so you can reconnect with yourself.

The studio will host four classes, designed to cater for anyone from beginner to advanced, including:


The signature practice is designed to be dynamic and challenging. Crafted for those with pre-existing yoga experience, this session connects the body to the mat and releases the mind through a series of sequences 

Urban Base

For those new to yoga or just a bit rusty, Base classes are designed to help switch on to a yoga practice and get comfortable through a slower flow of postures 

Urban Stretch

A new version of Yin, this class is lower intensity and super chilled, with slow postures and longer holds for flexibility

Urban Warrior

Just for the guys, this class specifically targets areas which are problematic for guys. For the boys Urban Warrior will help improve flexibility and core strength. 

Each class will feature two dedicated instructors to welcome, guide and adjust attendees so they can learn safely and quickly. This hands-on approach to help guide, relax and unwind will make Urban Yoga a truly awesome experience and leave you feeling at peace. 

Urban Yoga is the brainchild of founder Jacinta McDonell who wanted to create a place for more people to connect with yoga:

“After years of attending yoga and Bikram classes, I felt there was something missing from current practices, which lack consistency and are often restrictive in their offerings and so I wanted to create something new. Urban Yoga was designed to connect anyone and everyone to the mat by combining the rhythm of music, the aesthetics of curated visuals and the assistance of great instructors to create a style of yoga that looks better, sounds better and feels better. 

With Urban Yoga, we have created a space for people to connect to a yoga practice in a way that has never been done before and provide something really special for people to experience.”

Urban Yoga is a supporter of the Human Kind Project and will donate $1 to the cause for each person in attendance at every session. The Human Kind Project is an organisation invested in creating change by throwing light on the limitless possibility of human kind. Visit the Human Kind Project for more information. 

Connect with Urban Yoga at:

First Floor, 401-409 Cleveland St, Surry Hills

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or get involved in the conversation at #urbanyoga.

Book your classes at

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