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The Ultimate Workout Hair

The Ultimate Workout Hair

It's time to ditch the old-school sweatband. You need workout hair that takes you from street to sweat girl! I catch up with celeb stylist Anthony Nader to get the low-down on perfect hair for your next sweat sesh:

'It’s always a rush to get to the office straight after your gym workout and with your hair looking mighty fine as well. It’s a balance of getting fit and taking that cardio class and at the same time, your hair looking so damn fine when you’re done right! Here’s his fool proof way of cheating the crowd to being “on trend” with your hair the next time your sweating in the class.'


  • Spray your tresses with a Leave In Conditioner all over on 80% dry hair.
  • Rake your hair high up onto your crown (doubles up as a instant face lift!) and secure with a snag free elastic.
  • Comb out any knots you may have in the tail so its smooth.
  • Give yourself a plait and wrap the tail around the base and pop in a few pins to keep in place.













If that isn't sexy gym hair, I don't know what is. Braids at the ready...
the fit foodie






Anthony Nader Celeb SylistAnthony Nader is a highly acclaimed, award-winning Hair Stylist whose work continues to turn heads and grace the covers of leading fashion magazines from around the world. He moves between Sydney and New York where he works on editorial and advertising campaigns, frequently returning to Sydney to tend to his loyal client base at Raw Salon, Surry Hills.

Can't tame your tresses? Get unruly hair fixed up by the man himself right here: Web | Facebook | Instagram |

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