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Winter Warmers: Herbs to Ignite your Immune System

Naturopath extraordinaire Reece Carter talks us though how to boost our immunity naturally in the colder months. So very needed right now, Sydney. You're kicking my ass.


Things are getting chilly, Australia!  As we and the rest of the southern hemisphere spiral towards winter, it’s important we stimulate the immune system to keep colds and flus at bay. So rug up, stay warm, and check out my favourite five herbs for winter, and how to use them:


It doesn’t get much easier than this, as it’s probably in your kitchen already. Eat garlic daily – in soups, stews, and broths – to provide antibacterial and immune-stimulant benefits to your body. Combine it with thyme for additional antimicrobial effects.


On the other hand, if your sinuses are congested and blocked rather than runny, grate some fresh horseradish in to your meals to blast them open again. A warning though, this is a remedy for those who like it hot!


A ginger tea warms the body and increases blood flow to fight off infection. Add a teaspoon of manuka honey to soothe a sore throat, and you’re on to a winner remedy. If you’re lucky enough to have access to organic dried herbs, licorice and marshmallow are wonderful additions to this mix.


This one is perfect for kids (or fussy adults) who already have the sniffles, as it dries up the sinuses and tastes delicious as a tea. I also make mine in to icey-poles full of fruit and vitamin C-rich citrus.


Echinacea is good, but andrographis is better! Unlike the other herbs I’ve mentioned, you’ll need to source this one out at a health food store. I find it to be the most effective preventative herb out there, and if you still manage to find yourself falling sick, double your dose for days one and two and you’ll likely be able to avoid a full-blown cold!

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Reece CarterGym junkie, clean-eating cook, gardener, and massive herb-nerd, Reece Carter had been interested in natural health for several years when it dawned on him that he could actually make it a career! With a Bachelor of Health Science under his belt and two years of clinical practice, Reece sees clients from the Naturopathic Collective of Australia in Melbourne. Areas of particular focus for Reece include gut health, allergies, weight management, stress and mood disorders. With a YouTube channel that teaches the basics of herbal medicine, Reece has a big dream of empowering you to learn how to make your own home herbal remedies.

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Reece also creates therapeutic tea blends for SUM T. Head over to to check out the range, or to read more of his ‘herb nerd notes’ on individual herbs and their benefits!
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