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The beauty essentials I always keep in my gym bag

The beauty essentials I always keep in my gym bag

If you’re one of those people whose gym bag doesn’t just contain the essentials but pretty much your entire bathroom cupboard, then I get you. I’m not talking being red-carpet ready when walking out of the gym, but it is nice to at least be able to wipe that hard work ‘glow’ off your face. And whilst it can be annoying to have two of some products because we have all been there where that lip balm is in the other bag that you left at home, it makes your post-gym refresher so much easier.


So, get your gym bags ready fitties, because these are my fave products to bring to the gym with me.


Makeup remover


Ok, so if you think makeup remover is just for getting rid of mascara then you are wrong! Makeup removal wipes are a super easy way to return a sense of cleanliness after smashing out a workout. I am loving these reusable Santé by ENJO pads that exfoliate with just water meaning chemical-free plus less waste and I can just throw one in my bag rather than a whole packet of face wipes. Wins all around.


Pre and Post Gym Beauty Essentials


Now I know that a gym without air-con would be completely unbearable but it does take its toll on your skin. So, before my workouts, I like to make sure my skin is nice and hydrated using the Jurlique Rosewater Hydrating Mist.


Post-workout I love to refresh my skin with a little toner (I love the natural one from Simple As That Skin). But at the moment I am focusing on strength building at reformer pilates, so I’m not dripping with sweat after a workout.

The beauty essentials I always keep in my gym bag
image - simple as that skin

The beauty essentials I always keep in my gym bag
image - jurlique










The Ultimate Multitasker


Tea Tree Oil. There’s not much this little oil can’t do. Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory so works great if you have a breakout. It also makes an awesome addition to a warm bath, essential oil diffuser, it’s a natural cleaning product (diluted with water), laundry refresher AND soothes insect bites.

Sleep + Water


So, you can’t really put sleep in your gym bag but it is so essential for both your workouts and your beauty regime. Nothing gives you energy and keeps those under-eye circles at bay like sleep. I know that everyone gives this advice but it's only because it is so true.

And of course, water! So important for both rehydrating after your workout and for maintaining that glowing complexion. Plus for some reason I seem to drink more water if I a) have a large drink bottle or b) have one that's pretty. We love this one from Lululemon.

Ps. Not sure if you are getting enough water? Check this out

The beauty essentials I always keep in my gym bag


Post-workout nutrition


These don’t always make it into my gym bag but they are an equally important part of both my beauty and workout regime. Whether it’s a nourish bowl, smoothie or little snack I always like to make sure my snacks are full of healthy fats and protein to keep both my skin and insides happy. Here are some of my faves


The beauty essentials I always keep in my gym bag


What are your favourite gym bag beauty essentials?

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