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Nutritionist-Recommended Healthy Cafes in Sydney!

Nutritionist-Recommended Healthy Cafes in Sydney!

Everyone wants to know where the healthiest yet tastiest eats are in their city, and luckily for us Sydneysiders, we have a lot of options. Healthy cafes are popping up everywhere, we are spoilt for choice.

From superfood smoothie bars, to uber healthy vegetarian restaurants, we have a health mecca at our fingertips, you just need to know where to go. Naturopath Emma Sutherland shares here favourite spots!

1. O Superfood

This is probably the best-kept secret when it comes to smoothie bars in Sydney. For anyone who is familiar with O Organic, that amazing organic café that has been in Surry Hills for 15 years, O Superfood is the newest creation of the owner of that. Mick Gay has been a chef for around two decades. He saw how much Sydneysiders loved their healthy, superfood ingredients and that is where he got the idea to create O Superfood. The smoothie bar has over 20 superfood ingredients sourced from around the globe. They also offer amazing salads and wraps that are super healthy and all dressed to order. Best of all, O Superfood it is situated on the healthiest street in Sydney, Oxford Street, Bondi Junction so it is right by Naked Foods, Paleo Café, Henley’s and more.

Try the Popeye with spinach, banana, hazelnut, almond milk, cacao nibs and vegan pea protein powder

2. Bondi Wholefoods

Bondi Wholefoods is another great find as it pretty much has everything a health enthusiast could ever want from unique Turmeric and Matcha coffees to raw desserts, a great breakfast and lunch menu and it is attached to a health food shop. All the food they serve is organic, clean and untainted from toxic chemicals. They source all produce from farmers and producers who offer produce that aligns with their philosophy.

For breakfast try the avocado smash and poached eggs on paleo bread!

3. The Plant Gallery

This is an incredible new vegan restaurant that has just opened up in Bondi. Headed up by a French chef Juan Carlos and Dave, The Plant Gallery serves food that looks and tastes amazing, but also happens to be vegan, raw, gluten-free and free of refined sugars. As a unique point of difference, all food is measured on the PH scale which essentially shows how acidic or alkali that food is. This is important because every time there is an imbalance in your blood’s PH levels, your lungs, kidneys and liver have to work harder to fix it.

Their menu is essentially designed to give you more energy and have you feeling your best.

4. Proteini

Proteini is a great little find on Crown Street in Darlinghurst that lives by the mantra ‘love your gut’.The food they serve is gluten, sugar, dairy and wheat free while being really tasty and ‘gut friendly’. All food is made in-house and ingredients are sourced locally. Best of all, whether you are paleo, vegan, coeliac or other, odds are they will have dishes to suit your needs.

Try their Green Breakfast Bowl

5. Nalini’s Wholesome Street Food

Nalini’s is a hidden little gem on Spring street in Bondi Junction. It is literally a hole in the wall, but it is such a good find. Nalini’s boast Probiotic Rich, 100% gluten-free foods, with dosa wraps (dosa is a South Indian savoury crepe made from fermented rice and lentils) being its main feature. This café has a tonne of gut friendly vegan and vegetarian meals that has an exotic international flavor.

The ‘Roasted Wrap’ is pretty amazing and it is topped with Apple Kraut dressing.

6. Dandylion

Dandelion recently opened on Bondi Road and it offers an incredible vegetarian dining experience. The owners have travelled the world seeking vegetarian inspiration and from their findings they have created some incredible Mediterranean style vegetarian dishes out of it.

Try the veggie burger or the Cajun fajita wraps with tempeh. They are both great dishes!



Emma Sutherland is a successful mum, author, clinical naturopath and TV presenter. She is also a spokesperson for O Superfood one of the most impressive smoothie bars Sydney has to offer. Located on Bondi Junction’s most popular health street, Oxford St, the vibrant café is passionate about bringing you nutrient rich smoothies, juices and salads that are packed with the best superfoods sourced locally and from around the globe. All smoothies are dairy free, vegan and gluten free; and the salads are fresh and dressed to order.

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