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4 Things This Trainer Wishes You’d Stop Doing Right Now

4 Things This Trainer Wishes You’d Stop Doing Right Now

I hear a lot of myths and misconceptions as a personal trainer. Here are my top 4 misconceptions I experience:

1. Blaming Business

One of the most common excuses I hear for not having a healthy lifestyle is I’m too busy. I don’t have time to exercise, I don’t have time to eat well, I don’t have time to sleep. Whenever I hear this excuse all I hear is ‘I don’t value my health’. Busy isn’t a good thing. But as a society we have glorified this word. That if we’re not busy then we must be lazy or bored.

2. Focusing on the Scales

We need to drop our obsession with what the scales tells, focus on our behaviours. Don’t fool yourself into thinking just because you are skinny you are healthy. Focusing purely at your nutrition and going for the occasional walk is not enough to promote good health and life longevity.

3. Dieting

Diet by defining means fasting or deprivation. So if you are talking diets you are already setting yourself up for failure. In order to succeed you must have a positive relationship with food you need to think of it as nutrition and how you can nourish your body to help you thrive.

4. Doing Endless Sit Ups

Not only can they be they a waste of time for most people (dependant on your body fat percentage), but they can also increase your risk of injury by placing unnecessary load on the lower back. Most people do sit ups to create a visible six pack but the key to achieve this is shifting body composition by good nutrition and energy expenditure.

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Greg Stark - Fitness Expert

Greg has made it his fight to bring professionalism back to exercise. With a university degree in Human Movement and working with elite level athletes, Greg’s knowledge and experience is leading the way. Greg is the founder of Better Being, Australia’s only team of university qualified personal trainers delivering health solutions that suit your busy corporate life. Today, Greg continues to support the health and wellbeing of corporate executives and celebrities. He also educates trainers and regularly contributes to national publications and TV shows including Men’s Health, Sky Business and The Morning Show. Greg was awarded the 2011 Australian Exercise Professional of the Year finalist and is a proud ambassador for lululemon athletica. Greg’s passion is to create ways to inspire, educate and motivate people to build a happy and healthy life.

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