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Get Outdoors: 6 Open-air cinemas to visit this summer

As the dreamy weather fast approaches, there are heaps of fun activities to do outside to make the most of your summer. Swap watching your Netflix inside with a cinematic experience outdoors where colourful sunsets act as your backdrop. You can socialize with friends, enjoy a cold beverage, soak up the breezy air, and watch a big-screen movie all at the same time. Sounds like the best of all worlds! Here are six outdoor cinemas we think you should definitely check out this summer:

1) Ben & Jerry’s Openair Cinemas

With locations all over Australia this openair cinema is definitely one to experience. Opening night in Sydney is being held at the Inner West location on Thursday, November 19th where hollywood hit movie The Martian will be playing on the big screen. Saturdays at Inner West have a fun festival vibe with live music, games on the lawn, a night-time screening and free ice cream, yum! The Bondi big screen runs from Thursday January 21st to Sunday the 28th of Feb. Lots of awesome movie selections this year and tickets are selling fast - be sure to buy yours online ASAP!

Locations: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney (Inner West, Bondi), Canberra, Adelaide and Perth.

2) Moonlight Cinemas

Moonlight Cinemas is hosting outdoor cinemas all across the country, showing advance screenings, new releases and even cult films to cater to all audiences. Sydney location will be held on the lawns of the Belvedere Ampitheatre in Centennial Park and runs from Thursday, December 3rd to Sunday, 27th March. There’s food and drink for sale at the venue to ensure maximum enjoyment, and tickets can be purchased online. 

Locations: Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Port Douglas, Sydney.

3) St. George Openair Cinema

For an extraordinary summer of film on Sydney Harbour, be sure to schedule an evening at the St. George openair cinema.  This year’s screening dates run from January 7th to February 21st, 2016, including 42 nights of films and 20 premiers. This year’s movie roster looks amazing and the panoramic views of iconic Sydney harbour are unparalleled. Known for being one of the most beautiful cinemas in the world, don’t miss out - tickets go on sale December 8th. Check out the preview.

Location: Sydney

4) Camelot Outdoor Cinema

If you happen to find yourself in Perth this summer, we’ve got a unique openair cinema for you. Located at Mosarts, in the heart of Mosman Park, Camelot screens a tasteful selection of this seasons feature films. They even offer Jazz and Oyster nights on the first Wednesday of every month. This year’s dates run from Thursday, December 3rd to Wednesday February 17th with films playing every night. Get your tickets online!

Location: Perth

5) Deckchair Cinema

Voted the number one fun activity to do in Darwin on TripAdvisor, Deckchair Cinemas is an outdoor cinema that is truly authentic. A unique cinema in an awesome location, movie selections cater to those who like to stray away from the typical hollywood big-screen films. Although the last date to catch a film is this Sunday, November 15th (the rainy season is about to begin!), it’s a good activity to keep in mind if you ever pay a visit up North.

Location: Darwin

6) Rooftop Cinema

Rooftop Cinema is literally a cinema on a rooftop. Leave it to Melbourne to put it’s own funky spin on the average openair cinema. Movies begin around 9:30pm, so you can call up some friends, grab a drink beforehand, socialize and enjoy the sunset before watching a film on the big screen under the stars. Sounds equal parts romantic and amazing. Part one of the program runs from Saturday, December 5th to Sunday, January 31st. Part two takes place from Feb to April 2016 - dates to be announced late January. Get your tickets now, some of the evenings have already sold out! 

Location: Melbourne

Nicola Anderson - Writer

Nicola is a down-to-earth yogi residing from Canada with a love for all things health related. Having done her yoga teacher training (Moksha Yoga International) and Holistic Nutrition degree (The Institute of Holistic Nutrition) a whole new world opened up for Nicola. As a yoga instructor she has been able to travel and teach at the same time. Her love for fitness encompasses many activities including yoga, running, boxing and circuit training. Nicola is in her element when she gets to be creative, whether it be through photography, playing guitar and singing, writing, or teaching a yoga class. Some of her favourite things include coastal road-trips, summers spent at her cottage in Canada, swimming in the ocean, camping in British Columbia, and anytime spent in nature.

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