Is Spin Making a Comeback in 2017? Here are Some New Exciting Classes to Try!

Is Spin Making a Comeback in 2017? Here are Some New Exciting Classes to Try! The Fit Foodie Blog

Spin class – it’s the killer indoor cycling workout fuelled with adrenaline and energy, that leaves you with sweaty skin and jelly legs – and we can’t just can’t get enough!

Now, many gyms have decided to spin things up by adding some unique elements to their spin sessions. Next time you’re thinking about hopping on the bike, why not try one of these epic classes:

Karaoke Spin 

Everyone loves a bit of karaoke! Mix this with a spin class and you have yourself a fun-filled workout that lets you feel the burn and belt out your favourite tunes.

The idea behind Karaoke Spin is that you pedal in sync with the beat of a soundtrack, with the lyrics appearing on a TV screen in front of the room. Don’t worry however – most of the singing happens during the slow-to-medium paced songs, phew!

Check out this Karaoke Spin Playlist to get you through a tough workout!

Scenic Cycle 

Scenic Cycle is designed to not only to workout your body, but to give your body an ‘out of body’ experience.

Fitness enthusiast can enjoy the best Spin instructors taking you through every corner of the globe (think hills climbs through the French Alps and beautiful sunsets in San Francisco) with a specifically designed heart pumping sound track to take you away from your current mental space.

Nightclub Spin 

This February, Flow Athletic will launch Nightclub Spin – a pumping room filled with rocking beats from DJ Leprechaun, lighting and smoke machines, all designed to provide you with an awesome experience and a tough workout from one of the country’s best Spin instructors.

Is Spin Making a Comeback in 2017? Here are Some New Exciting Classes to Try!

Ben Lucas, owner of Flow Athletic and former NRL player for the Sharks will be taking 10 x classes of 40 people over 2 days. Post event there will be an activewear store, snacks and activities for those who want to hang around!

Athlete Lab

Designed for the cycling enthusiast or for those wanting to train for an event, Athlete Labs offer a unique indoor experience by providing real bikes (not spin bikes) to give you a good workout.

The coaches at Athlete Lab are not PT’s but cycle coaches, providing you with your very own personal cycling training. Workouts range from overall fitness to long, middle or short distance.


(Photos: Peleton / Flow Athletic)

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