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Raw Chocolate Rolos

No, you can’t have my last Rolo. These are just too damn good.

Snickers raw chocolate bark

‘Snickers’ Raw Chocolate Bark

Love a Snickers but don’t want a sugar-laden fat bomb? It’s a horrible quandary. Whip up this in the time it would take you to get to the convenience store, and do that gorgeous body of yours a favour.


Coco-nutty Brownie Crunch

This is one delicious super-food treat. Soft, chocolatey and crunchy, it really doesn’t get any better than this. Oh, did I mention it’s made with only healthy ingredients? Uh-huh.


Poached Chocolate Pears

Deliciously juicy and sweet, poaches pears make a fantastic dessert any night of the week. Cover in a little chocolate and you’ve got a show-stopper fit for entertaining the fussiest of guests.