Clean Chocolates & Candy

Healthy post-workout snacks full of protein that actually taste good.

Superfood Caramels

Superfood Caramels

These tasty caramels come totally guilt-free. Tahini is simply ground sesame seeds – full of healthy fats and nutrients to nourish your body. Throw in some metabolism-boosting coconut oil, low GI Sweetner, high antioxidant cacao powder and an awesome superfood powder, and really this could be medicine. Right? Baobab powder has a delicious caramelised pear flavour. It’s high in fibre, vitamin C, potassium (great for workout recovery), and acts as a natural prebiotic. If you can’t lay your hands on any, there’s some handy substitutions available in the Tips section below.

Jaffa Protein balls

Jaffa Protein Balls

While I would love to gorge myself on a packet of Jaffa Cakes (the king of UK treats – look them up!), I would hate to know the list of ingredients. Living healthily means finding a balance of whole foods, while enjoying the taste of things you love, so here’s my replacement for the Jaffa Cake, and a fine one at that. Jaffa Protein Balls at the ready…

Supergreen Jellies

Sometimes it’s not easy to stomach a green smoothie first thing in a morning. While it’s awesome to have high-quality nutrients flood your body, it can be an unenjoyable taste experience when you’ve just risen. This recipe is offer a much more fun experience – and helps to get your kids to eat their greens too! Enjoy alone as a snack any time, or cube and add to breakfast bowls and salads. Can also be used as a jelly spread for your wholemeal toast! Move over refined sugar-laden marmalade.

Cacao, Cherry and Maca-Tahini Cups

Cacao, Cherry and Maca-Tahini Cups

These are real grown-up dessert cups. Deliciously rich, totally guilt free. Theres nothing quite like the delicious mix of dark chocolate with fresh sweet cherries. Throw in some caramel superfood powder with gooey tahini, and you have one melt-in-the-mouth dessert. Long day at work? You can whip these up in under 20 minutes.

Clean Cookie Fudge

Clean Cookie Fudge

This Clean Cookie Fudge recipe is too amazing for words. Its creamy, rich and smooth like real dairy fudge, but without all the nasties like sugar, butter and cream. Delightfully filling too – chickpeas are full of fiber so you only need a few squares to kick that craving all night!

Choc Banana Walnut Bites

Choc Banana Walnut Bites

Everybody gets a sweet tooth now and again. I’ll admit that mine rears its head more than most, which is why I like to find healthy ways of satisfying it, so that I don’t pile on the pounds. We all know that sugar makes us fat, so portion control and relying on natural sugars is a must when it comes to the sweet stuff. These little guys are a perfect balance of good fats and carbs – awesome post workout with a shake to help your body synthesise the protein, but also a fantastic little dessert for when you need a quick sweet hit.

Raw Chocolate Rolos

No, you can’t have my last Rolo. These are just too damn good.

Snickers raw chocolate bark

‘Snickers’ Raw Chocolate Bark

Love a Snickers but don’t want a sugar-laden fat bomb? It’s a horrible quandary. Whip up this in the time it would take you to get to the convenience store, and do that gorgeous body of yours a favour.

Coco-nutty Brownie Crunch

This is one delicious super-food treat. Soft, chocolatey and crunchy, it really doesn’t get any better than this. Oh, did I mention it’s made with only healthy ingredients? Uh-huh.

Raw Mint Bounty Slice recipe from The Fit Foodie. Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Vegan and HEALTHY!!!

Raw Mint Bounty Slice

This delicious slice makes for a fantastic after-dinner treat. All natural ingredients, vegan, wheat-free, sugar-free and totally divine. You might even find yourself eating this one for breakfast – peppermint freshens your breath, right?!