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Does Your Job Give You Pancake Butt?

Does Your Job give you Pancake Butt?

by Greg Stark - Fitness Expert

A client asked me the other day what she could do to help with her pancake butt. Slightly confused by what she was asking, I soon realised she was talking about how does she get buns of steel.

When you sit for prolonged periods of time your muscle will degenerate you will lose shape and strength. Research is showing that prolonged sitting not only slows down your metabolism with a 90% decrease in the amount of enzymes that burn fat, it doubles your risk of cardiovascular disease and even if you complete regular vigorous exercise your risk of disability doubled with every hour you spent sitting. Prolonged sitting does not only causes pancake butt, it is making us sick, weak, fat and eventually dead. But if you really want a shapely derrière not only should you minimise the time spent sitting you need to do resistance training.

Here are my top 3 exercises for buns of steel:

Buns of Steel Workout 

(30s on/ 30s off, 3 sets, maximum reps)

1. Walking lunges:

Take a long stride forward so that your whole front foot remains flat on the floor and you are on the toes of your rear foot. Bring your rear foot forward in a walking motion and advance to the next lunge. You should feel your front leg doing all the work.

2. Ice skaters:

Stand on one leg bend your knee and hip, keeping your center of gravity low. Jump to the side landing in the same position. To increase demand reach down low with the opposite hand to leg you are standing on.

3. Glute Bridges:

Lie on your back, legs bent and your feet flat on the floor. Push your hips up towards the ceiling, lower yourself down and lightly touch the floor. You can do this exercise one leg at a time to increase demand.


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Greg Stark - Fitness Expert

Greg has made it his fight to bring professionalism back to exercise. With a university degree in Human Movement and working with elite level athletes, Greg’s knowledge and experience is leading the way. Greg is the founder of Better Being, Australia’s only team of university qualified personal trainers delivering health solutions that suit your busy corporate life. Today, Greg continues to support the health and wellbeing of corporate executives and celebrities. He also educates trainers and regularly contributes to national publications and TV shows including Men’s Health, Sky Business and The Morning Show. Greg was awarded the 2011 Australian Exercise Professional of the Year finalist and is a proud ambassador for lululemon athletica. Greg’s passion is to create ways to inspire, educate and motivate people to build a happy and healthy life.

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