6 signs your body is dehydrated

6 signs you body is dehydrated

There is one beauty essential that is totally free and that’s water. And since you probably know how much of the human body is made up of water (about 70%), rather I will tell you this.

Your skin is made up of 64% water. No wonder it can totally change the way your skin looks and celebrities seem to rave about how it keeps them ageless so it must work right? Plus, since you can only go three days without water it’s a pretty important part of just life in general.




I don’t know about you but something that was always drilled into me as a little kid was if you a thirsty then chances are you are already dehydrated. However, it still remains a mystery to me somewhat when it comes to how much water I should be drinking. I mean there is that whole divide your weight by 0.024 thing or just the blanket 8 cups of water a day, either way, the whole message is pretty confusing. But since there is also fluid count from food (yay for greens) my strategy is just to have a litre drink bottle (because if I have a bigger one I seem to drink more) and then just drink throughout the day.



Thankfully though since our body is much smarter than we are there are some pretty simple signs that you can look out for to notice whether or not you are dehydrated


  1. You pee is a dark colour

Not glamorous I know, but it is effective.


  1. You have a headache

This one is pretty well known, I mean how many times have you told someone that you have a headache and their response is ‘Have you had enough water to drink today?’


  1. You start craving all of the food

Your body is dehydrated and confused so yes it thinks you need that cupcake. Why you ask? Well, some of the organs in your body that break down food, like the liver, need water to release glycogen (stored glucose) to create energy. Hence the sugary cravings.


  1. Your skin is dry

Since your skin is 64% water and when your dehydrated your body needs to get fluid from somewhere so your skin can get dryer.


  1. You have muscle cramps

If you work out and sweat you lose a lot of electrolytes like sodium. Once that happens then the muscle cramps can start.


  1. You’re irritable

Yes, there is a dehydrated version of being hangry. Although I don’t what that’s called, maybe thangry?


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