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3 easy moves for lean, toned arms

If sleeveless shirts and strappy dresses have you running for a shawl, it's time to tone those arms and bare all babes. With summer in full swing, there's no better time to get beautifully toned and defined arms! You don't need to be suck in a gym lifting weights - Fitness Expert Greg Stark shows us how.

Here are my top 3 exercises to getting strong toned arms:

You can set this up as a circuit - do as many reps as you can in 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds before doing the next exercise, repeat each exercise 4 times.

1. Raised Hands Push Up

To make your push ups easier, start with your hands on a raised stable surface, such as a bench at waist height. Focus on leading with your chest not your head or stomach.

2. Plank Up Downs

Start in a high plank position, then slowly lower yourself one arm at a time down to your forearms. Then return to the starting position. This is a great one to increase abdominal strength and shoulders.

3. Plank Side Shuffles

Start in the plank position shuffle your feet and hands to the left 3 paces then return 3 paces to the right. Focus on keeping the hips level and your shoulders over your wrists.


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Greg Stark - Fitness Expert

Greg has made it his fight to bring professionalism back to exercise. With a university degree in Human Movement and working with elite level athletes, Greg’s knowledge and experience is leading the way. Greg is the founder of Better Being, Australia’s only team of university qualified personal trainers delivering health solutions that suit your busy corporate life. Today, Greg continues to support the health and wellbeing of corporate executives and celebrities. He also educates trainers and regularly contributes to national publications and TV shows including Men’s Health, Sky Business and The Morning Show. Greg was awarded the 2011 Australian Exercise Professional of the Year finalist and is a proud ambassador for lululemon athletica. Greg’s passion is to create ways to inspire, educate and motivate people to build a happy and healthy life.

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