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Relaxing Bedtime Rituals: 5 simple steps for Deep Sleep

relaxing rituals for deep sleep

We’re always reading about how healthy eating and regular exercise can help us feel great, have more energy and balance our mood. While this is true, we’re missing an essential part that we all are supposed to do, but never get enough of – sleep!


Here are 5 simple solutions from Natalija Bouropoulos - owner of luxurious sleepwear brand Natalija The Label - that take minimal effort but will help prepare your mind and body for a restful night’s sleep that we hope can become part of your nocturnal beauty ritual.


1. UNWIND AND RELAX – whether you soak in the bath, read a good book or listen to soothing music, the key is to do the same relaxing activity every night, so your body gets the signal that you’re prepping for sleep.My current bedtime book is so enthralling, ‘Daring & Disruptive by Lisa Messenger’ (it’s an insightful read into the world of an entrepreneur that gets me both excited but also gives me a sense of calm that everything is achievable – which helps me sleep well at night). I also love music by Erykah Badu, FKA Twigs and Sigur Ros to soothe my busy mind.


 2. STICK TO ROUTINE – it’s important to set a reasonable bedtime for your self and make sleep a priority. Try to be in bed at the same time every night, this will reinforce your body’s sleep-wake cycle and can help you fall asleep better.


 3. AVOID ALCOHOL – while drinking alcohol might help you feel tired and fall asleep quicker, it won’t actually improve the quality of your sleep or help you wake up feeling refreshed.  Try a tea blend that contains herbs such as valerian, chamomile or passionflower as they’re commonly used to help calm and relax. You can also add a little honey to your tea; it’s known to have a sedative effect and naturally aid in sleep.

 COMFORTABLE SLEEPWEAR – choosing what to wear to bed can directly affect the quality of your sleep. Silk is considered to be one of best fabrics to sleep in. It is comfortable, soft to touch, naturally hypoallergenic, breathable, and makes you feel beautiful (even when you’re dreaming).  Silk is also capable of keeping you warm during winter, and cool in the hot summer months.

My favourite piece from the NATALIJA Floral Impressions collection is Anemone for its fantastic hues of coral pinks and beautiful greens.

nutritionists recommend you should have dinner at least 2 hours before bed and eat healthy foods like bananas, spinach, cherries, fish and almonds, which contain magnesium, a natural sedative; melatonin, a sleep regulator; or serotonin; helps to induce sleep. Drinking a glass of warm milk before bed is a familiar sleep remedy, the calcium helps you relax and tryptophan helps you fall asleep. One of my favourite recipes is this delicious concoction:

Calming Cinnamon Milk (pictured)


1 cup warm almond milk

1 tsp honey

Pinch of cinnamon


Heat milk over medium heat, bring to shimmer, pour into a mug.

Stir in honey, and then sprinkle with cinnamon.

Enjoy warm!


Beautiful robes from NATALIJA. I'd be dancing around in flowers if I had one of these babies! *

*Dancing not required for restful sleep

Looking forward to climbing into bed tonight! Remember a good night's sleep will prepare you for a great morning workout, helps your muscles recover and will make you much more productive the next day. Sweet dreams...

Sally O'Neil - Editor in Chief

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