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Apple & Walnut Quinoa Porridge Recipe

Apple & Walnut Quinoa Porridge

Not sure what to do with that Quiona you picked up at the health-food store on a whim?
I certainly spent some time researching its uses! My most successful to date is this hot and tasty wheat-free breakfast that’s sure to keep you satisfied. Plus, quinoa is a rare source of ‘complete protein’ which means its great for your body and mind. Period.
Satisfying, hot and rich?! Who knew quinoa could sound so tempting!

Chocolate, Pistachio & Coconut Quinoa Porridge

Chocolate, Pistachio & Coconut Quinoa Porridge

Quinoa is one of the highest protein-rich foods you can eat and contains twice as much fibre as most other grains, helping you stay fuller for longer. Skip the usual oats for this delicious superfood porridge and please your sweet tooth at the same time!

Moroccan Quinoa

Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) is member of the seed family. I mispronounced this for several years before being corrected and turning to Google for definitive advice. Regardless of what you call it, its wonderfully healthy and versatile. Not only is it a complete protein – making it fantastic for vegetarians – but this superfood is also rich in iron, magnesium and dietary fiber. Tasty and just a little bit sweet, this recipe will leave you with enough for a quick and delicious cold lunch during the working week.


Apricot and Pistacho Quinoa

Quinoa is a great source of protein, iron and fibre – awesome news for vegetarians. Slightly nutty in flavour, this super seed is a fantastic low GI carb that will keep you full for hours. This dish has a nice sweet twist with the addition of some chopped dried apricots, but fresh apple, pear or orange segments would work just as well.


Lemon Quinoa Kedgeree

This traditional recipe swaps starchy white rice for the supergrain quinoa. Quinoa contains all nine essential amino acids which help the body to absorb its high protein content more effectively. It also contains plenty of vitamin B2 which boosts your metabolism. Stir in some salmon, eggs and lemon, and you have one power-house of a meal.