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Mindfulness not your thing? Why not try mindLESSness

Mindfulness not your thing? Why not try mindLESSness

I’m sure that by now you would’ve heard of mindfulness. But if not, basically it is a technique that draws on Buddhist practices that teaches you how to be in the moment. Since most of us these days are stress heads this technique provided a useful way to escape and de-stress. Mostly it involves a meditation practice that can range from being 5 minutes to 3 hours in length. And I don’t know about you but this stress head doesn’t have 3 hours to sit and ‘be mindful’. If you can relate to that statement then keep reading because a new alternative has hit the market. MindLESSness.


Mindfulness not your thing? Why not try mindLESSness


So, I know what you are thinking, how can one be ‘mindless’ and be in the present at the same time? Let me put it this way for you. When you see a child playing in the playground do you think they are thinking about trying to be present in that moment? The answer to that question is that they probably aren’t, but yet they are able to just enjoy playing and not think about anything else. And isn’t that the goal of mindfulness? To reduce your stress by bringing your focus to one thing rather than ten million things at the same time?




Fun Fact


There was actually a study done by the University of Amsterdam recently found that mindfulness was ineffective in boosting empathy and actually made narcissistic participants less empathic



So how can you incorporate a little mindlessness into your life? It’s pretty simple actually (and like the Nike tagline) you just do it. It’s about moving away from turning inside to find the answers and turning outside to connect with people. And the best thing about mindlessness is that there is no one thing that you have to do to become mindless. Just do anything that you can become completely immersed in and allows you to connect with other people. And no, this is not me hating on mindfulness. It’s just an option, for those like me who can’t sit still for more than 30 seconds.


Do you also struggle with meditation?

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