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How to grow a stress-busting garden anywhere!

How to grow a stress-busting garden anywhere!

“I’d love to grow a herb garden, but I just don’t have the space,” is something I hear a lot. But while your inner-city apartment may not offer acres of fertile earth in which to cultivate your own organic greens, I can almost guarantee that you have enough space to start a small therapeutic herb garden – on a balcony, in a courtyard, or even on a window sill. You don’t need much space at all!

Which herbs?

The first step is to decide on your herbs. Can’t sleep? Valerian and lemon balm are a good place to start. Or perhaps your skin is being troublesome? A pot of anti-inflammatory calendula will do nicely. Feeling forgetful? Then why not fill a couple of pots with peppermint and brahmi. Got anxiety? Grow Kratom and dry it, then eat it in powder form (though I purchased Kratom online initially - when I realized it worked for me, I started growing it too).

It’s not hard to start your own little balcony apothecary, and grow the greenery to brew your very own home remedies. In my latest video, I show you how to do just that, with the aim of treating one common condition: stress.

Lavender, a great anti-anxiety and mood-lifting herb, is probably one of my all-time favourite herbal medicines. It lends a great flavour to desserts (honey-lavender ice cream, anyone?) or can be easily brewed as a tea. Pick a few flowers, plus a handful from your chamomile plant and a big bunch of lemon balm, and you’ve got the perfect wind-down brew for the end of a long day.

...but I live in a tiny apartment!

No room for apple crates? No worries! There are plenty of other space-saving options. Hanging baskets don’t take up any floor space at all, so why not position a couple by a window in the kitchen, ready to pick your herbs for a fresh leaf tea? Or grab yourself an old wooden pallet and convert it in to a vertical garden? Even a few brightly coloured pots will do for starters – it’s that easy!

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Reece Carter - Naturopath

Gym junkie, clean-eating cook, gardener, and herb-nerd, Reece Carter has a Bachelor of Health Science under his belt and two years of clinical practice. Areas of particular focus for Reece include gut health, allergies, weight management, stress and mood disorders. Individualised advice his thing, and he truly believes that natural health needs to be aimed at the whole person (not just the condition) to be effective. He works extensively with nutrition and believes that there is no ‘one size fits all’ diet for optimum health. His real passionis herbal medicine. With a YouTube channel that teaches the basics, Reece has a big dream of empowering you to learn how to make your own home herbal remedies.

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