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8 tips to make your healthiest week ever

8 tips to make your healthiest week ever

Your healthiest week ever may be more accessible than you think! Sometimes it’s a matter of simplifying, going back to our basic needs, finding balance and adding a little spontaneity into our daily routine. Whether you’re working nine-to-five or traveling the world, here are some easy ways to help you feel more fulfilled, and have your best week ever.

1) Get enough sleep

A proper night’s sleep is essential to good health. This is your body and brain’s time to reset and nourish, so if you’re lacking those necessary hours of rest, it’s never fun. Schedule in your resting time and stick with it.  Going to sleep and waking around the same set time every night and morning is a good way to reset your internal clock. Make sleep a priority in your life!

2) Minimize screen-time

Despite the powerful ways modern technology has allowed us to connect, sometimes we end up spending too much face-time with our devices.  When we take time away from our phones and computers, it allows us to find more peace of mind and clarity - it resets our internal “refresh” button. Time away from the screen upon waking and before going to sleep is a great place to start. It may be helpful to schedule times during the day specifically for emails, phone calls and doing work on the computer.  Make a commitment to yourself to  minimize screen-time and to be more present in each moment.

3) Drink lots of water

Water is the source of life! A great habit to get into is to drink a large glass of water first thing upon waking. Carry a water bottle with you throughout the day - to consistently hydrate and track your progress. Water conducts electricity, so if we are consistently dehydrated, our brains don’t function as effectively. Since our bodies are made up of mostly water, keep hydrated so you can have sustained energy and focus all day long.

4) Get outside 

Nature heals. It helps us to feel calm, and is an easy and affordable way to make life more enjoyable. Sydney is full of beautiful beaches, walkways, national parks, and bike paths. Take advantage of all this beautiful place has to offer by spending time outside. The more time spent in nature the more peace you may begin to feel.

5) Eat to nourish

Social media, although a beautiful way to connect and meet people, can also result in comparison, or leave us feeling like we need to look and eat a certain way. Forget your pant size and what the number on the scale says. Food is meant to give us energy, it is our life force, so we should enjoy it! If we can change our understanding of food as a means to provide us with nourishment, as opposed to calorie counting and detox dieting, I believe it is a much more sustainable and healthy approach to nutrition. Eat to give your body healthy nutrients, to give your tastebuds joy, and to feed your soul with love and support.

6) Cultivate gratitude

Gratitude is an incredibly powerful tool that can bring more joy and happiness into daily life. We all have our own struggles, and life isn’t always a walk in the park. Gratitude helps to shift our perspective to find the silver lining even during life’s challenges, and reminds us of all the good things we are lucky to have. Where your attention goes, energy flows! What are you grateful for?

7) Find a positive outlet

Whether it be fitness, music, writing, cooking, reading (the list goes on) - find an activity that you enjoy and focus your energy into it. Outside of your day to day work or family responsibilities, set time aside for yourself. This will not only make you happier, but will also allow you to be the best version of yourself for others. By finding a positive outlet, something that brings you happiness and allows you to refocus your energy, it creates balance and enhances joy.

8) Do something fun

Lastly, have fun. Life is short! Have a laugh with friends, watch a funny movie, go on a new adventure, jump in the ocean, go for a drive, listen to good music - you name it. This one is short but sweet - enjoy life, you deserve it 🙂

Nicola Anderson - Writer

Nicola is a down-to-earth yogi residing from Canada with a love for all things health related. Having done her yoga teacher training (Moksha Yoga International) and Holistic Nutrition degree (The Institute of Holistic Nutrition) a whole new world opened up for Nicola. As a yoga instructor she has been able to travel and teach at the same time. Her love for fitness encompasses many activities including yoga, running, boxing and circuit training. Nicola is in her element when she gets to be creative, whether it be through photography, playing guitar and singing, writing, or teaching a yoga class. Some of her favourite things include coastal road-trips, summers spent at her cottage in Canada, swimming in the ocean, camping in British Columbia, and anytime spent in nature.

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