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My 3 favourite foods to help boost immunity

Every time cold and flu season comes around do you seriously envy that person in your office with rock-solid immunity? Do you wonder what their secret is to being this bacteria-fighting machine? I do sometimes, and hey maybe it's genetics or maybe it's diet related but once you know the tips of the trade, getting sick can become a lot less painful. Because as Hippocrates said,

"Let food be thy medicine"

Now I know that many times as a kid I was told to eat oranges because they were high in Vitamin C and that would stop me from getting sick. But believe it or not there are plenty of other fruits and vegetables that have just as much if not more vitamin C than oranges! Also, don't believe everything people tell you as a kid (FIY carrots don't give you night vision).


Packed with vitamins A, C and E, avocados help to strengthen your immune system.
Try this soup for a delicious way to get your dose and keep warm.



My 3 favourite foods to help boost immunity




If you can handle the heat, chilli’s can help fight infection, so if you’ve already been struck down this Brown Rice Nasi Goreng is for you.



My 3 favourite foods to help boost immunity



Garlic increases our body’s natural ability to produce cells that fight bacteria.
Try this garlicy snapper dish for dinner tonight.



My 3 favourite foods to help boost immunity


What are your fave foods to help ward off the seasonal flu?

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