The Top 5 Must-Haves for Your Smoothie Bowl

We all love a nice cold and refreshing morning smoothie, but you’ll love your smoothies EVEN MORE when you discover how you can transform them into NanaBowls…the protein smoothie bowls that are smashing nutrition.

The team at NanaBowls have put together their 5 must-haves to help you realise just how much healthier, and TASTIER your morning smoothie can be.

1. Fuel for those buns and biceps

First off, let’s talk protein. We always add a good clean protein powder to our bowls to guarantee we’re tucking into a nutritionally balanced meal (and not just a bowl of fruit puree).

For the perfect balanced brekkie, try adding 20g of protein powder into your smoothie blend. Plant proteins like pea, brown rice and hemp are best as they’re dairy free so they won’t leave you feeling bloated like many whey and dairy based proteins tend to.


Protein World’s Slender Vegan Protein is a good choice. This simple addition will have you powered up for the rest of the day, whilst also making smoothie bowls the perfect workout fuel for all you gym bunnies and flexi yogis out there!

2. No added sugar, not even dates or honey

Sugar is one of our favourite topics (we could literally talk about it for hours)! See here’s the problem. If you’re suffering from bloating or gut issues, added sugars (whether refined or natural) may just just be feeding the problem. Literally!



To starve off that inflammatory bloat try avoiding all that sugary business. It’s goodbye syrups, sweeteners and dried fruit (even dates and honey are out)!


Well how about embracing the natural sweetness of a frozen banana or two? The natural fibre in bananas slows down the energy uptake, helping you avoid those sugar spikes. Plus the added creaminess frozen bananas bring to your blend is simply mind-blowing!

3. Healthy fats to flatten sugar spikes and energy slumps

There’s sugar in every smoothie bowl. Yes it’s fructose and glucose. And yes it’s natural. But it all still raises your insulin levels. When insulin is high, our bodies hold onto body fat. Here’s the secret weapon you can add to any and every morning smoothie to avoid this problem… Healthy fats.

A spoonful of coconut oil or a splash of coconut milk will do the trick, and if you don’t like coconuts, that’s cool too. Go for flavourless coconut oil or half an avocado. These good fats will keep your sugar, energy and insulin levels stable and help you avoid those dreaded energy slumps and food comas. This nutrition hack is what makes NanaBowls incredibly special. Revolutionary in fact.

4. Limit your liquids!

Apart from a dash of coconut oil or coconut milk, we try to limit other liquids in our blends. Provided you add frozen fruits and a frozen banana or two, your blend will come out nice and thick with a creamy consistency. Give it a go. It’s like smooth soft serve ice cream… but even better as it’s dairy free!

5. Nourishing toppings

Go ahead, run wild and trim your smoothie bowl with toppings galore! We’re talking crunchy granola, runny peanut butter, juicy berries and chewy superfoods like bee pollen. These extras are the cherry on top of your bowl of heaven! Plus, for all you food bloggers out there, topping with a little extra texture makes even the simplest smoothie bowls instantly Insta-worthy. Watch your ‘likes’ rocket up every time you add a bit more crunch!


So what are you waiting for? It’s time to #GrabASpoon and upgrade your morning smoothie bowl today! If you guys try these smoothie hacks at home, don’t forget to tag us @NanaBowls and let us know what you think!

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