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lük Beautifood: Makeup good enough to eat

lük Beautifood: Makeup good enough to eat


Often when things sound too good to be true, they are. I'm looking at you...Skinny Cow Ice Cream. In the case of lük Beautifood however, you really can believe the hype. Their range of divinely nourishing makeup products are formulated from all natural and organic foods.

The brand is fast becoming known for their ability to cultivate a natural glow, and offer products that literally taste good enough to eat. Their use of clean foods to nourish and hydrate skin are a winner in my book. If I'm going to spend money, time and effort on looking after what goes into my body, it seems only fair to watch what I put on it too.



Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 3.31.18 pm


Cindy, owner and creator of these awesome products, has seamlessly fused beauty, health and food into one convenient little package. My fave from the range is the Lip Nourish stick. This 100% edible sheer lipstick feeds your lips with nutrients and is available in 7 different natural shades, each with a different (and delicious) flavour combination.


1-luk sliders-lip nourish recipe R2a


When she's not whipping up beauty treats from the kitchen, Cindy joins the awesome line-up of producers at Sydney Morning Herald’s Growers’ Market on the first Saturday of each month, dishing up fresh green smoothies alongside her other offerings to create a 'whole body food experience'.


luk beautifood bar - smh growers market
luk beautifood bar @ Sydney Morning Herald Growers Market


Cindy is not without experience too. I mean this woman really, really knows her stuff. Accomplished entrepreneur, food scientist, beautifood chef, and all-round natural babe, you can be rest assured her no-crap approach to makeup really does what it says on the tin.

After meeting her at Vitality Show last month, I can honestly say she's a natural beauty who looks like a woman 15 years her junior. When I ask her secret, she puts in down to a good diet and a well nourished body - a philosophy she carries into all her products. I need no more convincing, and instantly coat myself in Chai lip shimmer.

Check out the range on her website, and pick up some amazing recipes while you're at it!







OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA To find out more and get nourished, connect with Cindy and lük Beautifood below:

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