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Healthy Hangouts: 5 Minutes with Sharon Thurin from Slim Secrets

Staying fit, eating well and living a balanced lifestyle has always been important to Slim Secrets Founder and Director, Sharon Thurin. But as the daughter of a doctor, Sharon is certainly not a fan of extreme diets! Her passion is finding healthier ways to have it all.

As a health and wellness coach, Sharon’s work with weight loss patients saw her grow increasingly frustrated with the lack of healthy, convenient snacks available on the Australian market. This led to Sharon launching Slim Secrets in late 2005, offering a range of delicious nutritionally-balanced snack bars, chips, cookies and protein balls.

The Slim Secrets brand quickly saw success in Australia and rapidly expanded into global markets. Today, Sharon’s Slim Secrets products are stocked across leading Australian supermarkets, gyms and health food stores and can be found in approximately 10 countries around the world.

We got to hang out with her for 5 minutes and ask those all-important questions:

Q&AHow did Slim Secrets begin?

I made the move to launch Slim Secrets while I was working as a health & wellbeing coach. It concerned me how many overweight patients I had and how their weight issues usually affected their overall health. It was during this time that I saw a gap in the health/wellbeing market for on-the-go snacks that were nutritionally balanced, didn’t contain aspartame or artificial colours, tasted great and that were also a bit cheeky (most of the other products available were either geared towards the body builder or the ‘let’s start a diet on Monday club’).

I thought this was a good idea as a hobby to help my clients out and after discussing it with my target market (clients, friends and family) decided to start the fun adventure. Little did I know that the so-called hobby would be become this rapidly expanding global business!

Who or what inspires you:

Without a doubt I am inspired by my family. My parents are very successful in business and very generous to the wider community. My husband who is a business speaker inspires me every day to be the best I can be and keeps me going when times get tough and I feel overwhelmed. My now grown up kids all with whom have worked with me in Slim Secrets and are so proud of the growth of our brand and of their mum and are my biggest inspirations and I hope they have learned many good business lessons along the way.

Your day on a plate:

Breakfast: Coffee and poached eggs with mushrooms and avocado (when I have time) or small bowl of high protein cereal with skim milk and banana

Late morning: Slim Secrets protein bar or indulgence shake or fruit

Lunch (usually very late): chicken wrap or sushi or soup in winter

Late afternoon snack: Slim Secrets protein bar/balls or indulgence shake or fruit

Dinner: Usually some form of protein (lamb, eye fillet, fish or chicken) with mixed vegetables and salad. If I go out for dinner I usually go for a prawn pasta if on the menu


4: You’re favourite way to get moving:

My first coffee in the morning, followed by a walk is my favourite start to the working day

5. Three things you can’t live without:

My family, my mobile phone and my friends

6. You’re secret vice:

Hot chips and red wine

7. Top song on your playlist at the moment:

Welcome to St Tropez (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark Remix)

8. Your mantra:

You only live once so make every day count!


While I'm blessed with plenty of time to make my own healthy treats, convenient grab-and-go versions that don’t contain aspartame or artificial colours get a thumbs up from me.




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