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5 snacks to keep you energised at work

5 snacks to keep you energised at work

So you start your day with your green smoothie and morning workout, then you head to work and get through that to-do list #girlboss/#boyboss style and you feel like you are winning at life. Then the clock hits 3 pm and all of a sudden you just want to crawl into bed with a block of chocolate and watch Netflix.

We have all been here at some point, but with the right snacks you can kick the 3 pm slump and get back to being the absolute girl boss/boy boss that you are. Here are some of our faves that we love to keep in the office to keep those cookie cravings at bay.



  1. Bliss Balls

In my opinion, you could not find a more perfect 3 pm sweet treat. It’s perfect to satisfy all of those sweet cravings and give you a little kick to finish the day. Just be aware of the sugar content as some contain as much sugar as a chocolate bar (eeek). We love Fit Mixes because they contain just a little bit of sweetener and some pea protein to keep you nice a full until dinner.


5 snacks to keep you energised at work


  1. Hummus and Veggie Sticks

Who can go past the good old hummus and veggie sticks? Super simple to prepare and can easily be put into a Tupperware in your handbag. If you want to get really fancy though, check out Love Move Eat for a seriously delicious beetroot hummus recipe.


5 snacks to keep you energised at work


  1. Veggie Nori Wraps

There is no getting past the fact that sushi is awesome however sometimes a carb spike in the afternoon can leave you feeling super hungry by dinner time. So why not opt out of the rice and add fill your nori sheets with all of the veggies, some lean protein and some avocado for healthy fat? YUM.


5 snacks to keep you energised at work


  1. Smoothies

Smoothies are perfect for work because they don’t require getting hummus on your fingers and subsequently on your keyboard. Super easy to make at home and bring in a thermos to store in your office fridge. The only problem then is making sure your work colleagues don’t steal it!

did you get to the afternoon and realised you haven't eaten a single vegetable all day? Green smoothies are the perfect way to up your veggie count on those days where you 'forgot' to eat your greens

5 snacks to keep you energised at work
Get this Minty Spirulina Bowl recipe.


  1. Yoghurt with Berries and Nuts

One of the keys to staying satisfied through the afternoon is to add some protein to your snacks! A perfect way to do this is to have some greek yoghurt and load it up with berries and some nuts and seeds for healthy fats.


5 snacks to keep you energised at work

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