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6 steps to create a killer blog (even if you know nothing about tech)

Just because you are DIY’ing it, does NOT mean you can’t have a killer blog! When you are starting out, you want to try DIY as much as possible and also focus most of your time on the actual blogging, I totally get that! But this does not mean you can’t look like a total pro. Here are our top tips for getting your blog noticed for even a complete website beginner.

    1. Pick a beautiful theme

      We are so lucky today because so many designers have gone out and done all of the hard work for us! If you purchase a theme (NOTE: think budget friendly from free - $100), you have instant access to a beautiful website layout that you just need to customise. Think of a theme like Facebook - when you sign up to Facebook, you don’t need to code to make it your own - you just use the platform and add text and images that you love! A theme just as easy to use and usually they come with detailed set-up tutorials. The best online store for this is themeforest.

    2. Use a custom domain and email

      Nothing quite says amateur like or It is such an easy fix to use a custom domain like and it makes you instantly so much more professional! All you gotta do is purchase a domain name at a site like crazydomains and for your email, the easiest solution is to sign up to G Suite for $5/ month and they will help walk you through the set-up. Easy!

    3. Give your killer blog a BOOST

      I love finding sneaky tips + tricks that easily take your website from 0 to 100. Plugins take your website from boring to a killer blog instantly.


      Unsure about SEO? Let Yoast take care of it for you! Install this plugin and it guides you through how to make your website SEO friendly.


      What gets measured gets managed. Having a plugin like jetpack installed for analytics is so vital for your own feedback. If you can see the posts that are getting a lot more attention than others, you are going to be able to make sure you keep writing in that style or about this popular topic. It allows you to give your audience exactly what they want so they keep coming back.

      Recipe Card

      A genius plugin for every food blogger! Recipe Card allows you to add a recipe to the post in a beautiful format that can be easily downloaded or printed right from your site.

    4. Optimise your Images

      Looking for killer blog images to take your post to the next level? Use Unsplash, an amazing free image resource! You can of course use your own images too but make sure they are optimised for the website. There is nothing more off-putting than visiting a site and a page loading slowly. Website visitors stay on a page for an average of 2 seconds before deciding to stay or leave. So if your page isn’t loading.. Seeya!

      Avoid this completely by making sure your images are under 1MB at the very least by using a website like Optimizilla.

    5. Keep your website consistent

      If you purchase a theme, it will come with a set group of 2-5 fonts. Make sure you stick to this as there is nothing worse than visiting a website that uses multiple fonts and it makes it so much harder to read the page. 4-5 theme colours should be selected also, try using this amazing instant colour scheme finder for some help with this!

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      Now it’s time to go implement all of these tips! Good news - they are all super easy to do and there are tons of tutorials for each step on youtube.

      If you need any extra help reviewing your current site and finding ways to improve it, the first 10 readers to contact us will receive a free website review as a special Fit Foodie bonus!

      Kady O Connell is founder and director of Kady Creative, a design studio that allows you to be seen online. At Kady Creative, we ignite and translate your vision into killer branding + a dream website so you can be the spark you were made to be.



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