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5 tips for thick, gorgeous hair in 2017!

5 tips for thick, gorgeous hair!

While I wish I had the mane of Mariah Carey, I'm pretty sure she's been blessed with extensions or has very expensive artist looking after those locks. There are still ways we can help keep thick, lush hair at home. Specialist dermatologist, Dr Eleni Yiasemides, tells us how it's done:

  1. Keep hair in the best shape possible

    with regular trims and a good daily routine.

  2. Style your hair right

    (although only a temporary fix) a short, blunt haircut will give the appearance of more volume. Highlights and volumising shampoo can help give hair a fuller effect. Parting hair on the side also helps to camouflage hair loss, and adding lighter highlights/foils/streaks can help give the illusion of more hair.

  3. Minimise stress:

    Non-hereditary hair loss can be stress-related. Our busy lifestyles actually have a big impact on what our hair looks like. Taking the time to look after ourselves can be the start to healthier strands!

  4. Target the root of the problem:

    Certain treatments reactivate the hair follicles and stimulate hair regrowth with results in as little as 12 weeks. Unlike products that temporarily thicken hair, there are over-the-counter treatments available that include the most effective topical minoxidil 5% as the key ingredient. This is applied once daily, comes in a non-greasy formula and addresses the root of the problem, re-energises and revitalises follicles.

  5. Seek treatment:

    The sooner, the better. Once you’ve lost a significant amount of hair, it’s harder to get that back. Most solutions are about retaining the hair you have. Some of the products available at pharmacies have been proven to be the only foam that can regrow female hair that’s why it is essential to seek early treatment for the best long-term results.

As always Fitties, speak with a healthcare professional before commencing any treatment.

Here's to fabulous hair in 2017!!

Sally O'Neil - Editor in Chief

Sal is on a mission to prove that healthy and nutritious doesn’t have to be boring – and that even while staying in shape you can have your cake and eat it too. After losing 14kg from adopting a healthier lifestyle, she shares her journey with others on The Fit Foodie Blog. She also works as a commercial food photographer and stylist, is studying a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, and is the author of two cookbooks: Love Move Eat (Bauer Media, 2017) and Meal Prep Plan (Murdoch, 2019).

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