Gym Gear + Grocery Shopping? Mix Apparel Hits Coles Supermarkets Today!

Kick-start the new year with a new gym outfit (or two). From today, 740 of Coles supermarkets will be stocking a range of fitness-focused products – including a select range of Mix Apparel activewear. Look out for them in-store while you’re picking up your veggies from 4th – 29th January!

With Mix Apparel, you can style up while keeping the price down! With the majority of the range coming in at under $10, you can afford to lay your hands on a few new pieces. I rely on new gym clothes to keep me motivated to stay active – whether it be brisk walks, yoga or a tough session in the weights room, nothing peps me up like some fun creative prints or staple black tights. Seriously loving the ‘Move’ and ‘Inspire’ tees (below) that are a serious contenders to my usual (much more expensive) favourite quote tees. The wide neckline is really flattering and the relaxed fit gives you plenty of room to move.

Mix Apparel Edits (5 of 19)

Mix Apparel Edits (10 of 19)

Mix Apparel Edits (17 of 19)

If sweating it out in the gym isn’t your style, these value pieces are great for simply walking the dog, grabbing a coffee with friends or hitting the park for a stroll. Super comfortable (from personal experience), I’ll be wearing these to do my grocery shopping too – oh the irony!

With basics that can be styled up or down, plus the option of being able to liven up your mandatory food shop, I’m completely sold.

No excuses Fitties – convenient and wallet-friendly activewear is just one grocery haul away.

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5 Responses to “Gym Gear + Grocery Shopping? Mix Apparel Hits Coles Supermarkets Today!”

  1. Kate W

    Gym gear at Coles who’d have thunk it!?! Just bought that MOVE tee online! Thanks for sharing, love your work!

  2. Dianne Thistlethwait

    I have already purchased gym gear from mix which I wear proudly to my gym. Just love it Dianne T.

  3. Dianne Thistlethwait

    I’ve been shopping at Coles for healthy food for ages and also own several pieces of of Mix gym wear which I wear proudly to my Fernwood gym. The quality is excellent and I love the cotton options lots of gym gear do not offer. Love it!

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