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Raw Chocolate orange rounds, Raw terry's chocolate orange, homemade terry's chocolate orange

Raw Chocolate Orange Rounds

If you’ve ever indulged in a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, you’ll know quite how good the combo of sweet oranges and milky chocolate is. Addictive, in fact. As a Christmas tradition (and Easter, and probably most Fridays) I used to ‘tap and unwrap’ these babies and devour the lot in a few short days. Now i’m a little more conscious about ingredients and portion control, it’s time to re-invent another classic. If you use stevia to sweeten, these delicious chocolates have just 54 calories and 0.5g carbs each! They’re helpfully packed with healthy fats too – so it’s seriously unlikely you’ll manage to eat the whole tray. Then there’s magnesium – thanks to the cacao powder, which is great for exercise recovery (if you’re feeling that way inclined over the holidays) and also helps combat fatigue – which is definitely how I feel over the silly season.

Kick your sweet tooth with these amazingly chocolatey rounds, with sweet hints of orange that just melt in your mouth. Being raw so they’re so easy to make too!

Jaffa Protein balls

Jaffa Protein Balls

While I would love to gorge myself on a packet of Jaffa Cakes (the king of UK treats – look them up!), I would hate to know the list of ingredients. Living healthily means finding a balance of whole foods, while enjoying the taste of things you love, so here’s my replacement for the Jaffa Cake, and a fine one at that. Jaffa Protein Balls at the ready…


Chocolate Orange Cheesecake

This delectable cheesecake actually contains no cheese, or dairy for that matter. Maybe I should have just called it a pie, but given that it has a rich creamy texture and a biscuit base, I’m sticking with it.

The secret ingredient here is silken tofu, which is extremely high in protein. Mix that with some raw cacao for anti-oxidants, orange for Vitamin C, pecans for healthy fats and flax for fibre, and you basically have to eat it for its health-giving properties. It’s like medicine. Well… that was my excuse when I tucked into two slices of the stuff. Must learn to exercise more self-control, but when it comes to healthy chocolate, I’m weak!