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How to Save the Planet in Your Swimwear

Just in time for the Aussie summer, two friends Audrey Petrelluzzi and Gaëlle Frouin-Dumas have launched Petite Terre Swimwear, a beautifully detailed swimsuit line made out of waste products like carpets, plastic bottles and fishing nets. This luxuriously designed swimwear is not only inspired by the Earth, but is also helping to save it. Win, win.

We believe that a swimsuit is way more than beachwear. It represents the essential path for freedom, travel, relaxation and the best memories from our journey through different lands. We are restless in our search to make this path last forever and to maintain the best memories of our lives concentrating our efforts towards on environmentally friendly swimsuits.

Petite Terre Swimwear fabrics are made from 100% regenerated polyamide fiber from post-consumer materials saved from landfills and oceans all over the world. They are re-polymerized through a physical process and are turned into new fabric.

So just how are they doing it? 


As a fusion between luxury lingerie and high quality swimwear, Petite Terre Swimwear is all about exclusive and small quantity products including delicate lines, instant comfort, trendy fresh colors within the finest textures and glamour styles. I'm in love.

My Top Pics

There range is pretty extensive, with something that's sure to catch your eye. Check out my favourites below.

Made with their special blend of sustainable techno-fabrics, the swimsuits are multi-purpose too - great for a casual swim, surf or yoga session!

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Get yours: Petite Terre Swimwear Shop |  Facebook |  Instagram

Looks like your summer is covered, Fitties!



Sally O'Neil - Editor in Chief

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