Skinny Strawberry Yogurt Drops

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You probably know by now if you follow me on Instagram that i’m a huge fan of Greek yoghurt. It’s packed with protein and will keeps you satisfied hours after eating it. This one is always a hit with kids, but I regularly make them myself for an afternoon snack.





  • 1 cup plain Greek yogurt (I use Chobani)
  • ¼ cup fresh strawberries
  • Small ziplock food bag


  1. In a bowl, smash strawberries to a pulp with a fork.
  2. Stir in yogurt and spoon into food bag.
  3. With scissors, cut one corner off the bottom of the bag to create a piping hole.
  4.  On a pre-lined baking sheet, pipe small dots of the yogurt – covering the tray.
  5. Freeze for an hour until frozen. Serve as many as you plan to eat in a small bowl.
Don’t leave at room temperature for long – they will turn back to yogurt!

To save time, use strawberry flavoured Greek yogurt instead – just make sure there’s no added sugar.
Heating the strawberries first will make them much easier to mash to a pulp.

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