Your ticket to every gym + studio in town: BodyPass

Your ticket to every gym + studio in town: BodyPass

This month we catch up with BodyPass co-founder Georgia Van Tiel (or GVT to me, we’re besties). After launching the biz late last year along with fitness expert Carla McMillan, they’re seen huge growth and success. BodyPass is ONE monthly membership to all top fitness studios and outdoor activities in your area. Genius right? Try different classes every week and keep your fit life fresh, interesting and fun! No one wants to sweat the same way all the time right?
Members can experience everything from boxilates, skate hire, power cycle and even paddle boarding – all in one week, if you like.
“Every day is different. Some days you feel like jumping in the ocean at 7am, other days you’re in the mood for meditation and yoga after a tough day at work,” says McMillan.
I’ve been trying it out for the last month and damn, I’m a little bit in love. I actually didn’t think I was going to like it. I’m not one for jumping in on new classes and enjoying feeling like the new girl. But there’s a secret – there’s LOTS of new girls, because so many people are using BodyPass now! You can also stick to activities you know well before you branch out into more adventurous things (hello acro-yoga!). I’ve been taking spin classes at my old gym (that I loved, but couldn’t afford) and then wiping over the road for a yoga sesh at my favourite studio. It’s convenience personified and I’m telling everyone to sign up. #notsponsored.
Not only has BodyPass taken Australia by storm, it’s now been picked up by Fairfax Media, which goes to show the strength of this gal’s idea. In our chat with GVT, this business maven gets honest about ‘work-life balance’ and what she’s learnt in business so far…

What’s the first thing you think of in a morning?

Coffee and then where in the world I am headed at this un-godly hour!

Last thing you googled?

A fitness studio, first and last and repeat, haha

What prompted you to delve into the world of technology and fitness combined?

Everything revolves around technology and more specifically Apps. If you can’t get fitness into technology and almost gasify it, people will lose interest and not do it.

How do you balance your time?

Hmmm, tough one. Balance is tricky and I couldn’t worry about it last year as we set up Bodypass, so I just didn’t give myself a hard time about it. I meditate every day for 20 minutes, twice a day and that really helps keep me balanced. On top of that I have a great man in my life who I love spending time with, so I make that happen.

I don’t necessarily believe in this whole work life balance mantra. I think we all work too much and unfortunately I don’t see that changing. The only way to deal with it, is to find a job you love and you are passionate about, one that changes people’s lives for the better is always a good start, and then you don’t feel like life is all work and no play.

Your favourite fitness class?

Ohhhh don’t have favourites. We work with over 800 studios in Sydney, Melbourne and Australia so it’s hard to choose a favourite and I am all about fun and variety.

GVT (left) and co-owner Carla McMillan (right)
GVT (left) and co-owner Carla McMillan (right)

Sweet or savoury?

Both but I know sugar is bad (mostly), so I have tried to push myself back in to the savoury gang over the last 5 years.

You’re biggest achievement to date:

Getting married to the man of my dreams 6 years ago in Hawaii

Biggest thing you’ve learnt from running your own businesses:

To not worry so much, what will be, will be

What snack can’t you live without?


To find out more about this awesome membership idea and get your sweat on all over town, head to

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