Your New Morning Pick-Me-Up with Tonnes of Health Benefits!

If you’re after a delicious alternative to your morning coffee – with just as much pick-me-up – my Turmeric Chai from About Life is your go-to drink for so many reasons.

Providing you with sustained energy, this chai will keep you going until lunchtime. It has unbeatable anti-inflammatory qualities from its incredible powerhouse of ingredients, and is ideal to give your skin a super healthy glow. A healthy morning drink that gives your body everything it needs to radiate from both the inside and out.

Health benefits


It’s key ingredients and potent herbs, ginger and turmeric, are botanically related to each other and are known remedies for gastro-intestinal problems and inflammatory conditions, due to the active ingredient of Curcumin which is found in turmeric. This powerhouse ingredient is also an anti-oxidant, detoxifier and your digestion’s best friend!



Ginger is also a must to maintain your gut health – it stimulates digestion and relieves bloating, cramps and bowel irritation. Gut health is the key to a healthy and well functioning body. What better way to set yourself up than to prepare your gut and reenergise your body for the day ahead.

Ginger and turmeric together are today used to treat nausea, colds and other respiratory conditions, build immunity, as well as being believed to protect the brain from damage caused by Alzheimer’s disease.




  • ¼ tsp turmeric powder
  • 1 small knob ginger, grated
  • ¾ cup hot water
  • 1 cup coconut milk, hot and frothed
  • ½ teaspoon masala spice


  1. Steep grated ginger in hot water for three minutes.
  2. Strain water into a latte glass with turmeric powder and masala spice and stir well.
  3. Top up with hot coconut milk and sprinkle with tumeric and coconut sugar.
  4. If you feel little naughty (but still healthy!) add a spoon of chunky About Life almond and cacao butter – yum!

About Vladia Cobrdova - Wellness Expert and Nutritionist

Accredited Nutritionist, Author, COO & Wellness Ambassador for About Life - Sydney's Leading Natural Supermarket. Vladia is also a sustainable lifestyle advocate and Author of two recipe books.

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