The Top Five Superfoods to Keep in your Fridge This Year 

The Top Five Superfoods to Keep in Your Fridge This Year from Dr Joanna McMillan 


Superfoods, the must-have in the nutrition toolkit if you are seeking optimal wellbeing and to nourish the body from the inside out. What better way to kick off your health goals than by stocking your fridge with the top superfoods for 2016?

As part of Blackmores’ partnership with the Australian Open, I spoke with leading nutritionist and Blackmores influencer Dr Joanna McMillan, who is encouraging Australians to take stock of their wellbeing, by assessing their health with the Blackmores Wellbeing Check, pledge their wellbeing goals for 2016 with #IWillBe on social media.

Not all superfoods are recent arrivals to our health food stores and supermarkets. We have great locally-grown, inexpensive superfoods packed full of antioxidants and essential nutrients. Here are Dr Joanna’s top five must-have superfoods to keep in your fridge this year.

1. Broccoli

We’ve all grown up with broccoli on our plates, and sometimes wished it wasn’t there. Knowing what we know now about broccoli, this attitude has changed, and our fantastic ways of preparing it today are a far cry from the overcooked methods of yesteryear. Its bacterial fighting properties and high Vitamin K content make broccoli one of our most important superfoods.

While raw broccoli can have benefits for your gut, cooking your broccoli helps the body to get more of the nutrition out of the vegetable that is then absorbed into the bloodstream and can then be of benefit elsewhere in the body.

2. Salmon 

Salmon, both high in protein and low in fat, is a regular in my diet. This fish is one of the best sources of the anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats we know to be so important to our health, particularly heart and brain health and functioning. Salmon may have additional anti-inflammatory factors that make it a particularly ‘super’ food due to its sources of selenium, high intakes of which have not only been associated with decreased risk of joint inflammation but also a lower risk of several types of cancer.

3. Kale

It’s hard to find a café these days that doesn’t have something containing kale on the menu, and for good reason. Its dark green leaves even look super healthy, so it’s no surprise they contain high levels of many beneficial nutrients such as iron and vitamin C. Any dark leafy greens do the trick and are a must, such as spinach and rocket – much better than a watery lettuce in your salad. I try to get them into at least two of my meals every day. These are the kinds of everyday superfoods that I think are really great for us.

4. Yoghurt

No one really ever thinks of yoghurt as a superfood, but if you make sure you opt for the natural, unsweetened variety, it is great for protein, probiotics and calcium – a mineral that many Australians are short on.

5. Blueberries

Blueberries are undoubtedly one of my favourite foods. A classic example of a superfood that doesn’t have to be expensive and flown half way around the world. They’re grown locally and are a great price at the moment. I eat them either with a natural yogurt and nuts for a snack or just straight out of the punnet. Also, they’re almost impossible to overeat due to their low kilojoule intake!

Dr Joanna with Dr Joanna plate

Blackmores has recently launched its new Superfoods range, offering six superfood products that are created with the highest quality ingredients and boosted with natural nutrients, including Vitality Super Greens, Matcha Green Tea, Wild Blueberry Blend, Coconut Water, Cacao, and Raw Chia.

The Blackmores Superfoods range is a really great way of adding a little nutrient boost into your smoothies – and they are super cost-effective too! Available in a convenient powdered form, they can be easily added to any type of drink to help boost your daily nutrient intake in a way that’s accessible anytime, anywhere. You can even use them to make your own healthy and nutritionally boosted ice pops!

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    I got to admit that I am one of those who didn’t look at Yoghurt as one of those Superfoods. The blog has changed how I view the under-appreciated Yoghurt. Going to stock frig tonight. Also did not know Salmon contained selenium, which has been associated with decreased risk of joint inflammation and lower risk of several types of cancer. Great article, thanks for the education.

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