Swisse Meets Mindfulness at Melbourne’s Wanderlust 108

Swisse Wellness is pleased to announce its presence at the upcoming Wanderlust 108 “mindful triathlon” event in May. Wanderlust 108 will celebrate all things wellness for a predicted 3,500 Fitties, featuring three key physical and mindful elements; a 5km run, yoga class and a guided meditation, within the prominent inner-metropolitan park location. Sounds awesome right?


Wanderlust 108 “mindful triathlon”


Catani Gardens in St Kilda, Melb


Saturday 16th May


  • 5km-running course
  • 90-minute yoga class
  • live music
  • inspiring lecture by One Giant Mind’s Jonni Pollard
  • lawn activities such as acroyoga
  • delicious locally sourced organic food


You can BOOK ONLINE here.

Swisse will provide an on-site food van (YUM!) catered by renowned Aussie chef George Calombaris, one of Swisse’s ambassadors. Calombaris is bringing his wholefoods café Mastic to the event site, and will provide Wanderlusters with a range of specially created superfood bliss balls and bars, smoothies and vegetarian falafel souvlaki, incorporating Swisse’s range of superfood products. Side note: George, if you want to post me something to taste-test, I wouldn’t say no.

“I’m really excited for the Mastic brand to be a part of such a renowned international wellness event,” says Calombaris. “The importance of health and wellbeing has become such a big part of my personal journey, and through my partnership with Swisse, I’ve been able to extend this part of my life and share it with others”.


To coincide with the Wanderlust 108, Swisse is excited to announce their newest ambassador Bianca Chatfield. The collaboration between Swisse and Bianca makes a great fit, with Bianca being a well-known advocate for a healthy lifestyle and lover of all things fitness and wellness.

A portion of Wanderlust Festival ticket sales will be donated to Swisse’s charity The Celebrate Life Foundation, which was created to inspire wellness throughout the community and help ‘bend the trend’ of increasing rates of preventable disease.

Wanderlust 108 focuses on community above competition. There are no set finish times (phew), goals or stresses with this triathlon – just encouragement to enjoy a new found experience, make new friends and embrace inner peace above results.


the fit foodie





TSwisse Wellnesshe Wanderlust signature 108 events are set in unique locations throughout the world, and feature world-renowned yoga instructors, musical performers, inspiring speakers and endless one-of-a-kind personal experiences. The Wanderlust 108 name signifies the interconnection between body, mind, and the universe. One represents unity, zero represents stillness or calmness, and eight – with its resemblance to the infinity symbol – represents infinite possibility.

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