Self Care 101: How to Create a Meditation Space at Home

Self Care 101: How to Create a Meditation Space at Home via @thefitfoodieblog

Clearing your mind can be a huge task, but a dedicated space can really help to soothe the body and mind. There are no rules to creating your own meditation space. You certainly don’t need crystals and a singing bowl to make it happen!

Make a beautiful meditation space at home with these few simple steps:

1. Make a technology-free zone

Chose a corner of the house with a comfortable seat or cushion, away from noise and distraction. That includes televisions, laptops and anything else that might get your senses fired up! While it might be tempting to take your mobile phone with you, you might struggle to ‘get away from it all’ if you boss keeps emailing you mid-way! Leave your phone in another room.

Self Care 101: How to Create a Meditation Space at Home

2. Add some beautiful candles

The right lighting is super important to create a truly relaxing space. Low, warm light can create a beautiful ambience that is sure to leave you feeling zen. Bonus: opt for naturally fragranced candles to further soothe the mind. body and soul.

Self Care 101: How to Create a Meditation Space at Home via @thefitfoodieblog

I love: Cleanse Candle from Black Arrow Candles. They use wooden wicks to create a true flickering flame – just like being beside a fire!

3. Bring Nature Into Your Meditation Room

Try to incorporate some natural items into your new zen area. I love flowers, plants and crystals *I know, eye roll* — they’ll bring a relaxing element that brings you closer to nature.

Self Care 101: How to Create a Meditation Space at Home via @thefitfoodieblog


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4. Use a Neutral Colour Palate

If you’re trying to induce a clear or blank state of mind, it makes sense to incorporate that into your space too. Patterns and brights can be stimulating, while pastels are more soothing, so choose your space and accessories with that in mind.


5. Play some Meditative Music

While it can be hard to ask yourself to JUST. STOP. THINKING. music can be a helpful way to calm the mind. Look for melodic music without lyrics or nature sounds that will lull you into blissful relaxation.

Try this awesome playlist on Spotify!

Self Care 101: How to Create a Meditation Space at Home

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