Eat Well

This dairy-free ‘milkshake’ is packed with 26g of protein and is low in calories (75 to be exact!), leaving you full + satisfied minus the food baby. I’m expecting a lot of gasps at the required use of tofu, but I promise you won’t taste it. Does tofu even taste?! Anyway, just enjoy the creamy texture, zero sugar and much-needed caffeine for a breakfast on-the-go, or as post-workout re-fuel for those tired muscles!

This delicious lunch is packed with 25g of protein for fast muscle repair and long-lasting satiety. Tofu can also give a major boost to your weight-loss plan. If you’ve tried tofu before and thought it was pretty tasteless, yore not alone. Give it another try with this recipe: the dukkah adds so much flavour and the grill ensures it crisps up – delicious!