Delectable Desserts

Honey and Lemon serve a much better purpose than just a cold remedy, dontcha know? This amazing flavour combo works as a delicious ‘cheesecake’ (minus the cheese) in this dairy and gluten free recipe. Perfect for a special occasion, or just a weekday – with ingredients to healthy, who needs an excuse?!

You would be forgiven for thinking this velvety smooth chocolate cream would wreak havoc with your clean eating goals. However, this guilt free alternative is actually full of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory mono-saturated fats. It’s versatile too: try it spread on your favourite toast, use as a clean cake frosting or even fruit dip. Teamed with a layer of simple cherry Chia Jam, this will become a new favourite for entertaining. Impressive, simple and downright delicious.

This delectable cheesecake actually contains no cheese, or dairy for that matter. Maybe I should have just called it a pie, but given that it has a rich creamy texture and a biscuit base, I’m sticking with it.

The secret ingredient here is silken tofu, which is extremely high in protein. Mix that with some raw cacao for anti-oxidants, orange for Vitamin C, pecans for healthy fats and flax for fibre, and you basically have to eat it for its health-giving properties. It’s like medicine. Well… that was my excuse when I tucked into two slices of the stuff. Must learn to exercise more self-control, but when it comes to healthy chocolate, I’m weak!

Banoffee Pie has long been one of my favourite desserts. Crumbly, buttery and creamy, this traditional pie has been given The Fit Foodie makeover so you can enjoy it without guilt. This recipe is also fantastic for portion control – it makes just enough for two. No more staring at tempting pie for a week in the refrigerator until someone else kindly eats it. Joy!