Biscuits, Cakes & Cookies

These muffins are perfect for breakfast or brunch, as well as afternoon tea! Dairy and gluten free, your tastebuds and tummy will love them. Swapping flour for almond meal provides a natural source of protein, dietary fibre and vitamin E. It is a great substitute for gluten containing flours and won’t cause tummy bloat. Yippee!

Chocolate cupcakes that are bursting with nutrients!? I know it sounds weird, but the hidden beetroot adds an unmistakably deliciously earthy flavour, complimenting the cacao perfectly. Divinely sweet and satisfying, these cupcakes will be gracing your healthy afternoon tea party more than once! Skip the bottles of red food colouring and sneak some veggies in at the same time.

While I LOVE Nutella and cookies {preferably both at the same time}, the sugar content is off the charts. Since adopting a healthy lifestyle and losing 14 kilos, they no longer make it in my cupboard. These cookies are my healthy take to satisfy both cravings. Deliciously soft, gooey and packed of all-natural ingredients, there’s no food coma waiting for you at the end. In addition, they are sugar, dairy free and gluten free, so they won’t hurt your waistline either. The perfect accompaniment to a hot mug of tea, or if you’re up for a little indulgence, a glass of homemade chocolate almond milk.

Looking for a healthy take on your favourite morning treat? This is it. Traditional sugar is replaced with stevia, meaning fewer calories and plenty of natural sweetness. The addition of cinnamon helps to stabilise blood sugar levels, meaning you won’t suffer cravings later on in the day. Warming spices never looked so inviting! Toast a slice for breakfast, and top with a little ricotta and honey…your Sunday morning, sorted.

Traditionally these delicious biscuits are made with rolled sugar, golden syrup, white flour and butter. So many times I’ve had to sadly shake my head when offered one and then silently curse my healthy eating approach to food. It’s not fair right?! So here’s my healthy version of these crumbly delights – coming in at just 87 calories each. Huzzah!