Product Review: Omniblend Blender

If you’re anything like me, you blend, a lot.

My blender is my healthy-kitchen staple, and not a day goes by when I’m not whizzing up something nutritious. But let me {rewind} a few years to my unhealthier days. I was limited on the kitchen equipment front, so much so that I survived without an oven for 8 months. {Fast forward} I had a little epiphany when moving to Australia, and really began to take notice of my nutrient intake. Rather than buying pasta sauces, soups and smoothies, I began to make everything from scratch, but recipes were hampered by a lack of blending equipment. I mean, making almond butter in a pestle and mortar just isn’t quite going to cut it. Blender Choice I spent hours researching the blenders online, and found some very useful reviews. While I would have loved to spend in excess of $1,000 on the most highly acclaimed brand, I couldn’t justify it. Unsurprisingly, many other people had found themselves in the same predicament, and suggested suitable alternatives. I settled on the Omniblend. With 5 years warranty and not an unhappy customer in sight, I was sold. This is the mean-machine that produces all my recipes, from raw cheesecakes to creamy protein shakes. Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 12.08.41 pm   Now you may be thinking “argh, another blog endorsement”, but I’ll put the record straight : It was through my own personal choice and research that I bought my very own Omniblend (or rather, I hinted to Mr Fit Foodie). I’ve been giving this baby a very good workout for the last 18 months, and have never been left disappointed. So if you are looking for a powerful blender, take a look at reviews online and consider this one.

You can even use the code “THEFITFOODIE” on the Omniblend website for a $10 discount.

Omniblend Discount Code   Also, sign up to the blog for your chance to WIN A FREE Omniblend! Competition details will be released next month. Keep it smooth Fitties, Signature 2

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