Product Review: George Foreman Mix & Go

George Foreman Mix & Go Review

Now I love my high-speed blender, but dang, I do hate washing it up. Sometimes I just want a protein shake with a few healthy-add ins, that I can take with me in the car quick-sharp. Like everyone, I try to be massively organised in a morning, but we all have our off-days. Mine’s usually relating to a bad blow-dry that takes an extra 15 minutes to tame. Friends and colleagues take note: don’t expect me to be on time for morning meet-ups.

My morning wig issues aside, anything that helps the process of me getting out the door with something nutritious is pretty valuable in my household. So here’s a pretty nifty solution. A mini blender that does it’s thing right there in your smoothie bottle. Blend, swap the blade for a lid. Go.

George Foreman Mix & Go – RRP $39.95


Add ingredients directly into the portable drinks bottle; screw on the blade, and then add to the blender base. The blender will automatically turn on and blitz. Once the ingredients have been processed, twist the bottle to stop, then the blade is swapped for a lid.


Smoothies, juices, protein shakes, and anything else you like blended to a pulp. Check out suggested recipes here.

In case you’re wondering, this one DOES blend ice and other tough stuff. You can whizz together an icy shake or even chuck in some almonds to your drink – it’s broken down in record time.

  • 2 x 600ml BPA free bottles
  • 2 x Drink bottle lids
  • Ice crushing blades
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-slip rubber feet for stability
  • 12 month warranty



Having two bottles is a mighty-fine idea. While one is sitting in your dishwasher from yesterday, you have a shiny clean one waiting for you in the cupboard. Yahoo.

You can buy an add-on ‘Health Mill’ attachment (RRP $14.95) that crushes nuts, blend spices etc. Being able to make sauces and pestos for one or two people at a time is a bloody great bonus. Just make the amount you need and don’t worry about using up leftovers or wastage.

The price. Really, for what it does and time it has saved, I think this is a bargain.


With or without the morning hair drama, you’ll be surprised by how much you use this. It’s not a replacement to your normal blender, but if you want something whipped up quickly this one is a great complimentary product, without the need for hand-washing. For more information, check out

the fit foodie





TFF Note: This article is proudly sponsored by George Foreman and endorsed by The Fit Foodie.

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