My Favourite Things: February

My Favourite Things: February

It’s been a month of book launches (sadly, not my own!), cooking classes, taste testings and more. As February draws to a close, it’s time to shine the spotlight on some of my favourite things I found this month:

March into Merivale – it’s almost here! Free yoga classes and a Detox menu make this celebration Fit Foodie approved.

This recipe blog for some of the best health food porn around.

Injuries or DOMs? Get these awesome compression tights to help blood flow and recovery.

Making someone smile ‘just because’ with these.

This quote: 

This juicy Pinterest board.

Truffle salt. It makes everything taste beautiful.

This new cookbook from good friend and all-round awesome person, Lola B.

This TV Show – yes, my favourite Good Chef is back. Happy days.

Mushrooms, in all their delicious varieties. Check out this recipe for mushy inspiration!

This awesome blog post about negative self-talk. We all do it, it’s time to stop.

My new favourite green tea blend from T2. Afternoon bliss.


Did you find something amazing this month? Share your favourite finds in comments below and share the love!



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