New gym gear is always an excellent idea. It helps to keep you motivated and feel fabulous while you’re sweating it out. So get your peppers around this…cult label MinkPink release their own active label called MINKPINK MOVE, fusing the fun and sassy aesthetic of MINKPINK’s mainline with super functional active wear.

Abandon any daggy and/or boring sentiments you ever had about activewear – these pieces have their place in the spotlight. Form and function reside on a level playing field – just like they oughta! Placement designs flatter the figure, fabrics strike the optimum balance between stretchy and supportive and cleverly placed pockets ensure your favourite tunes stick close by.

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A palette of diluted brights – coral, aquamarine and lilac – mingle with tribal prints and blocked waistband slogans like ‘Crunch / Run / Win’ and ‘All About The Chase’. Multi-strapped T-bar and racer backs provide a fresh twist on sportswear, and panelling allows airflow where it’s needed.

Designed to be mixed and matched according to each wearer’s whims, MOVE is brimming with the same eclectic personality that has become a hallmark of the MINKPINK brand.

The best part? MOVE was made to be seen – whether that’s actually working out, partying, shopping or whatever the hell it is that you like to do.

MOVE is in store right now Fitties! Get your hands on it right here: 

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