Jamie Oliver joins the war on sugar

Jamie Oliver Sugar Rush The Fit Foodie

As an official ambassador for Jamie’s Food Revolution, I couldn’t be more stoked with this news. The man himself has been researching nutrition for the last two years in prep for the launch of his new Superfoods Cookbook {could this guy get any better?}. Now we can actually start to use his cookbooks more regularly without having to swap out the mountains of oil and cheese 😉 Can I get a HELLS YEAH?!

Jamie Oliver Sugar Rush The Fit Foodie

J.O. has now joined the war on sugar*, releasing a powerful one off documentary, Sugar Rush, which will air in the UK on 3 September 2015 and in Australia on September 20 on Network Ten. The documentary explores the effects of consuming too much sugar, in particular the impact overconsumption can have on children, and investigates the huge contribution sugar is making to the rising levels of chronic disease on an international scale. Get it in your diary – it’s a must watch!


“Chronic disease and childhood obesity are crippling health issues in Australia as well as in the UK. Australia is such a beautiful country, with an abundance of great fresh produce and opportunities to indulge in a healthy lifestyle. We need to join together to celebrate healthy food and home cooking, to ditch the soft drink and take away and fight for a healthier future for our kids”. – Jamie Oliver

You can read his SUGAR MANIFESTO right here.

So very pumped to have someone with such influence in the foodie world shining a spotlight on the impact of sugar consumption on our health. The world is shifting it’s perspective peeps, and it’s looking healthy.

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*I may or may not want to have his babies even more now. Sorry Jules.

Sugar Rush is Scheduled to air in Australia Sunday, September 20 on Network Ten. | |



Header image courtesy of The Telegraph.

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2 Responses to “Jamie Oliver joins the war on sugar”

  1. Victoria

    So soo happy that someone of Jamie’s influence is getting on board with this. We’ve cut sugar right back in our family (I’m sure we could still do more) and it makes me really sad when I’m at the supermarket and see other mums’ trolleys piled high with crappy sugary fake food in lots and lots of packets for their kids. Some of my son’s friends basically only eat from packets and already drink coke. At the age of 6. I talk to the mums in the schoolyard and let them know about more natural healthier alternatives they can make to still treat their kids but it’s mostly deaf ears. They’ve never heard of Lola Berry, Sarah Wilson or The Fit Foodie (I know, shock horror, right?!), but they’ve all heard of Jamie, so maybe he can get through. Yay. Go, Jamie Oliver x

    • Sally

      Sounds like you’ve done an amazing job overhauling your trolley for both you and your family Vic – amazing stuff! I know how you feel when you witness someone feeding others processed junk. It’s a big heartbreaking knowing first-hand how bad that stuff can make you feel. You’re absolutely right, high profile is what we need to get that message out – feels like the wheels are finally turning 🙂 xo

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