Healthy Meal Ideas for Lazy Foodies

Healthy Meal Ideas for Lazy Foodies

When you’ve had one hell of a week, the last thing you want to do it spend ages in the kitchen. The majority of my recipes are super-quick for that reason. I’m usually in and out of meetings, working out, running errands and trying to squeeze in a catch-up with friends, so being faced with a 5-hour lamb shank situation just isn’t my thing.

In a recent survey conducted by Pitango Foods, it was discovered that more than half of all Aussies consider themselves to be Lazy Foodies’ when it comes to cooking at home.

When you don’t have time to whip up a complicated, nutritious meal at home, I’m always open to a bit of cheating. I’m not talking McDonalds or Krispy Kreme, but genuinely healthy pre-made options.

This week I put to test Pitango’s range of soups and risottos, and was asked to add in some of my own favourite ingredients to put my favourite spin on their range of meals.

Meal 1:

Garlic + Chicken Risotto

Healthy Meal Ideas for Lazy Foodies

Arborio rice in a creamy white wine sauce with chicken, red capsicum, spinach and garlic. A delicious meal for two.

Make it your own:

I added 1 cup frozen peas, fresh lemon juice, fresh basil and a pinch of cayenne. I love to add spice to kick my metabolism up a notch and the peas added extra freshness. The fresh basil complimented the creamy risotto perfectly and the acid from the lemon lifted the whole dish. SO YUM!

You could also add some halved cherry tomatoes, fresh spinach leaves or a tablespoon grated parmesan to take it to the next level.


Things I love:
  • The chicken is free range!!
  • No added preservatives
  • Gluten Free


Meal 2:

Pumpkin + Ginger Soup

Healthy Meal Ideas for Lazy Foodies: Pumpkin + Ginger Soup via @fitfoodibelog

A family favourite that balances sweet golden pumpkin with a hint of ginger.

Make it your own:

Heat the soup and stir in a pinch of cinnamon (trust me!), then serve into two bowls and sprinkle with chia seeds, toasted coconut and fresh oregano.

Make it more hearty: serve with leftover roast chicken, stir in some chickpeas or add 1 cup cooked brown rice. Top with coconut cream for good fats and you’ll be full all night long.


Things I love:
  • This soup is all-organic
  • No added preservatives
  • Gluten Free

Good to know: these guys cook their meals in small batches to ensure the good flavour and only use the freshest ingredients. Head to their website for more options in the range.



Think you can jazz-up your own Pitango meals? The Pitango #LazyFoodie campaign runs through to the end of August and is giving people the chance to win a #LazyFoodie prize pack for the nation’s laziest foodie, valued at over $400. Head to for more info!


Are you a #lazyfoodie too?


*Editor’s Note: This article is proudly sponsored by Pitango. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make The Fit Foodie Blog possible. All opinions and words are my own and not influenced in any way. Photographs were taken by me as part of this review.

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