Six weeks into my 10 week training challenge with Fitness First, and I’m really starting to value having a personal trainer. I’m so motivated to do my own workouts, that I could never really justify paying for one. But they’re not just there to make sure you turn up and work out. James pushes me to my limits, making me do 5 more reverse chin-ups than I ever thought possible (albeit with a lot of grunting on my part). I’m sore the next day, but damn, I know I’ve worked so hard.


Here’s what I’ve been up to the last two weeks in terms of training. It’s been hectic at work, so evening yoga has taken a serious hit comparative to previous weeks. It’s not affected my physically, but I’m feeling the lack of mental calm. It’s amazing how it has such an impact spending a few hours a week stretching and listening to pan pipes, but just trust me, make time for it.

Training for weeks five and six looked like this:

FF Week 6














My last PT session was strength-based to get me to my goal of 30-pushups and 1 unassisted chin-up. I learnt the art of a deadlift with correct posture, which has meant the efficiency of the movement has been massively improved (read: I’m now actually doing them properly). James also loves to throw in some hideous burpees, which are the worst exercise known to man. I’m getting faster at them – which is an excellent tactic to trick your brain into thinking your actually doing less. *Clever me*. It’s also a trick to get your heart rate up in-between weights and squeeze in a little cardio.

Seriously though, take a look at your posture when you’re working out – it has the opportunity to make or break a good session. Ask a friend to watch you, or check out the movements on a reputable YouTube channel. It will mean you fully engage all the muscle groups your supposed to, and make for a more effective workout.

To find out more information about Fitness First and what they offer, or to try them out for free, visit the Fitness First website: and download a free trial pass!

Questions about my training? Feel free to ask away in the comments below.

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